Do you like yourself? Do you love the person you are with all your weaknesses and strengths? One of our worst mistakes as a human race is non-acceptance. Every day we wake up looking at a strange reflection in the mirror. We don't like what we see, want to change it but don't know how or why. Most women, as well as men I have met, live in constant criticism of themselves. They complain about some extra inches here and there, about the premature wrinkles, their families, jobs, and their entire surrounding environment. Few times they dedicate a moment to stop and look for all the other many things they have to be grateful for. They have been trained to look for the things that make them miserable instead of happy.

What is the cause of this bad habit? Society has ingrained in us a series of false concepts especially if you are a woman. Growing up I use to hear the same old song; women are meant to be in the house, raising the kids, taking care of the husband, and making sure that the home will stand still even in the worst of scenarios. No one ever told me that in order for all this to happen I would have to take care of me first, my own happiness, mental and physical well being. Instead our duty was to sacrifice at all cost and be nice ninety nine percent of the time no matter what the circumstances could have been. So as part of a patriarchal tradition we grew up unhappy with our body, mind, and spirit. There was not being you but being what the others around you wanted you to be. No wonder the mirror would tell so many lies that we ended up believing.

We have come a long way. What is it to be like you then? In my case I learned that being me is a truly special gift. There's no one else like me walking on this earth. I have been given many definitions and descriptions but only me knows my true self. I learned to be friends with my
morning reflection. Taking care of me is my best weapon and resource to be able to take care of those I love. I learned how to say no without guilty feelings tormenting me at night. In saying no I am letting the world know that I am important, that I have and serve my priorities, and that I still love and care about others by caring about my own needs in order to share and give back. In loving myself I am extending my love to them. My inches don't bother me then and, in the end, if they get to the point when they do, there's nothing a good workout can't do.

Let's begin by working on acceptance and gratitude in order to enjoy what is to be ourselves. Self forgiveness is a big step towards the process. Don't blame yourself for past mistakes. We all make them. Instead forgive yourself, accept that the decision was not the best one at that moment. Better yet don't look at it as a mistake but as a lesson learned, a vehicle towards self improvement.

Develop your acceptance and tolerance skills. The first one is defined as the act of accepting with approval and a favorable perception. Approve yourself, see all the beauty you possess and spread it to the world. Don't take anything personal. After all every one of us lives their unique personal reality. What is true to me is not true for my neighbor. We are all living with a purpose no matter is we recognize it or not. Learn how to tolerate yourself and your reality and if you don't like your own then walk firm steps to change it without dragging others into your personal dreams. We all dream in different colors.

What is it like to be you? This is the question I throw to the air to all of you out there. Go to the closest mirror and ask yourself this question. Be honest and real. If you can't see magic the first time, begin working on it. Don't rush it but be consistent. My hope is that one day you'll be shining in front of that polished surface invented only to reflect light; your light.

Author's Bio: 

Norma Casas is a teacher by passion and profession; a life long learner and passionate about life. She has raised four children on her own and calls this her most exciting and satisfying project. She currently writes empowering articles on her blog, where you can find uplifting messages for everyone: Her next project is to begin her studies on Numerology and Reiki as a way to keep improving her personal life and the life of others.