Who are you really? I'm not asking what you are but rather WHO is that person deep inside of you…the one who shows up whether you want her to or not.

You are not just teachers, lawyers, social workers, managers, administrators, etc. These are labels that society uses to identify the work we do.

The woman in the mirror who stares back at you each morning is not all there is to who you are. You must look much deeper than the face you see in the mirror to see who you really are and love the woman in the mirror.

So, what is your relationship with the woman in the mirror?

Is she open, accepting, and honest about her strengths as well as her weaknesses? Or is the relationship you have with the woman in the mirror demanding, critical, self-sabotaging, and filled with fear, guilt and unrealistic expectations?

To discover the real woman in you see in the mirror, begin by asking yourself the following questions:

1) What motivates you
2) What inspires you
3) What is your vision for your life
4) What are your core beliefs
5) What do you enjoy doing for fun

Knowing who you are on the inside is much more important that any outside trappings.

Take some time now, if you haven't already, to ponder who the woman in the mirror really is.

Do you accept yourself without criticism or fault-finding?
Acceptance is the ability to recognize and acknowledge circumstances without being judgmental. When you can accept yourself "as is", you leave the door open for others to do the same.

How do you allow the jewel you are to shine brightly?
Let your gifts, knowledge, expertise and humanity be noticeable. Accepting who you are without hiding behind a screen of fear, self doubt and limiting thoughts is a gift you offer to the world. Use an affirmation such as "I am my own unique person – special, creative and wonderful, just as I am" to encourage you.

In what ways are you your own personal cheerleader when your spirits are low?
We all have difficult moments but allowing those moments to take over is disempowering and can lead to a deeper sense of overwhelm. Instead of wallowing in the depth of despair, find something utterly frivolous, silly and fun to do that will lift your spirits.

How do you confidently and clearly express to others what you're feeling?
Letting others know how you feel is one of the biggest gifts you can give and makes your life and the lives of others more satisfying. Don't assume they know just by looking at you what you are feeling. Responding to others using "I" statements gives you ownership of your feelings. Just say how you feel and don't try to know the other persons motive or figure out what they meant.

Do you take risks, despite an underlying fears?
Fear is the one thing that will cloud the image of the woman you see in the mirror. Fear will keep you stuck, unable to move forward and prevent you from living a life of freedom to be, do and have all that you want and deserve.

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