We all have so much information on both sides of this question. “Good / Bad?”, “Naughty / Nice?”, “Happy / Sad?” As children we began seeing things in opposites. Actually, this is our seeing things in duality. Our basic nature is happiness and love. So therefore it is suggested that we are all good and all deserving to be happy. And yet many of us don’t believe this. We’re afraid to have goodness, everything nice, and our always being happy. We have fears, lots of fears about having abundance. So in reality we are pushing abundance away from us.

Don’t believe me… Ok, see what it feels like to win the lottery. Imagine winning the lottery for a dollar. Now imagine winning the lottery for $100.00. Now imagine winning the lottery for a hundred million dollars. The dollar wasn’t quite enough, so we rejected winning this amount. The hundred dollars was also not enough so we also rejected this amount because we know that folks have won lots of money by playing the lottery. Then when we thought about winning a hundred million dollars and this actually caused us to feel a clutch. Our fear came up to the surface. We rejected this amount of money because it’s too much; in reality, we really don’t need a hundred million dollars. We now go back and think of having the $100.00 because it is reasonable. See how we push abundance away from ourselves.

We push abundance away from ourselves all the time; not only in regards to money, but in every area of our life. Imagine getting the promotion of a lifetime… or going on an all expense paid vacation to the destination of your choice. How about meeting and marrying the most perfect person for you? How about staying married to this person for 50 or more years in wedded bliss? How about having perfect health? How about getting a free pizza? We are looking for the catch in all of these situations. See we are constantly weighing in our mind “What is good?” and “What is bad?”

Whether we realize it or not, our ideas about “What’s good?” and “What’s bad?” is a constant puzzle that we are trying to work out. Because we don’t have the answers, we often push good things out of our lives because of fear.

Truly all of the above examples were based on abundance and yet what we noticed is our thoughts related to, “What if this doesn’t work out?” We see the “What if, this…?” and “What if, that…?” We actually reason with ourselves and talk ourselves out of having abundance in health, wealth, and relationships so we don’t have to experience failure or disappointment. And yet, we are all very quick to point out what’s wrong with folks that do live in an all-abundant reality.

A former boss, who is an extremely successful entrepreneur expressed failure after meeting with a client who was wealthier and had more toys. So, this reality translates itself into the blue-collared folks looking to the white-collared folks and comparing their lives. The white-collared folks look to the country-clubbers and compare their lives. The country-clubbers compare themselves with the celebrities. The celebrities compare themselves with each other. So no matter where we are in life, or what we have, we are never truly satisfied. At sometime, in some way, we all bought into the grass is greener theory. We can’t be happy because (fill in the blank). See the mind sees everything in duality by comparing “What is good?” and “What is bad?” Because we are focusing on seeing what we don’t have, instead of looking at what we do have, we miss several opportunities of having abundance because we don’t realize that we are pushing abundance away from our self.

In truth, when we learn to recognize what is really good in reality is in what we do have. Everything we have or don’t have is based on our decisions. We learn to look at our judgments about having and not having and to take responsibility for what we have created for ourselves. We learn that there is nothing wrong with having, doing, or being anything we choose for ourselves. When we learn that we can achieve any goal, once we remove the mental obstacles that are in the way and currently blocking us from receiving abundance. When we learn to be accepting of our self by letting go of self-implied limitations, we learn to recognize abundance is easily and readily available to us if that’s what we decide.

As we shift towards having and experiencing goodness, we learn to see from the point-of-view of our being positive creates abundance in everything that we do; in all areas of our life. We then learn there are no impossibles. When we learn to accept ours self, and our circumstances, as there is nothing we can do to change what has already happened. And by changing how we feel about our circumstances helps us to create lasting success. When we learn to express ourselves more confidently, we learn to experience goodness through our own eyes and let go of comparing ourselves to others. We also can learn to laugh and feel joyful. We learn firsthand, for our self, that happiness is truly our basic nature.

Experience for yourself in having a truly abundant life begins in making a decision to do something other than what you have been doing. You have nothing to lose except self-doubt, judgments, and criticism. Sounds good?!

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Larry Crane has been teaching The Release® Technique to executives of Fortune 500 companies for years. He has personally trained businessmen, psychiatrists, psychologists, sports and entertainment celebrities, sales people, managers and housewives in the art of letting go of problems, emotions, stress and subconscious blocks that are holding people back from having total abundance and joy in their lives.

The Release Technique has been taught to over 100,000 graduates worldwide.

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