When You And Your Husband Are Not On The Same Page: Agreeing To Disagree In Relationships

I often hear from people who have become increasingly concerned about the content and tone of fights with their spouse. Often, the couple has been fighting for a while, but lately, the arguments have taken on a new, sinister tone and the husband has even started to broach the subject of a break or separation. And often, the wife isn't quite sure how to take this or how serious this truly is.

I heard from a wife who said: "my husband and I have been fighting for a long time about two issues - my in - laws and his lack of employment. He lost his job over eighteen months ago and I feel as though he isn't looking hard enough to find a replacement. I know that the economy is bad, but he is college educated and has a lot of experience. It's hard for me to buy that he can't find another job somewhere. The other issue is that his parents are now giving us money. My in - laws are completely over bearing. Before they started giving us money, they intruded in our lives enough. But now, they seem to feel as if we owe them. I feel like I don't even want to come home from work anymore because I know that they are going to be there. My mother in law brings dinner over constantly. My husband appreciates it because our food budget is very tight. But I would rather eat peanut butter and jelly than share yet another meal with them. For the last several weeks, our arguments about this have gotten very heated. And my husband has started bringing up a separation. He said he will just go and live with his parents so that I won't have to be bothered with all of this. How concerned should I be? Is he really going to leave me or pursue a separation? I still love him and I don't want this."

I couldn't tell this wife what the husband was thinking or what his true intentions were. Only the husband knew this information. But I can tell you that it's my experience and opinion that when a spouse mentions separating, you should most definitely pay attention. He is obviously trying to get your attention and if this doesn't happen, he may believe that the only way to get the attention that he wants is to do something drastic - like move out. And if you think about it, this couple was in a situation where it would be extremely easy for the husband to just go and stay in his old room in his parents' house. So I felt that this was something that the wife should be very concerned about. And I will offer some suggestions on how to handle this below.

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The Best Way To Approach A Husband Who Threatens To Leave Or Separate Every Time You Disagree: The wife was starting to feel as if she couldn't even bring up her concerns because she was afraid that her husband would think about a separation if she did. So, she was now in the situation where she didn't even want to come to her own home to decompress and spend time with her husband. This was a seriously troubling warning sign.

So I felt that it was prudent to speak up before this became much worse. A suggested script might be something like: "before we start getting into the same old trap with this argument, I want to stop you right there. It seems as if every time we start to have even a slight disagreement, you bring up separating. I want to be clear right now and say that I do not want a separation. Yes, things are difficult between us right now. Yes, we disagree about a couple of things. But I don't want for these things to pull us apart. Instead, I want us to bond together and get through this. I want us to sit down and come up with some compromises that we can both live with. This is negatively affecting our marriage and that is the last thing that I want. I want for our marriage to be the positive thing that keeps us both going. I want it to be the place we can come when the outside world batters us. I understand that you are close to your parents and I do not want to interfere with that. But I want for us to have our time alone also. I want for our marriage to be separate from our relationship with them. Can we agree to limit their time to a more reasonable amount? What if we said we'd invite them over twice per week and then spend the other five days together? And what if we agreed to go the park with a packed lunch once per week and just discuss how things are going between us and how the job search is going. That way, I won't need to constantly nag you and we can spend the rest of the week on having a pleasant time together. I don't mean to stress you out. I know that you are trying. But you have to understand that this affects me too. Can we agree to take a separation off of the table while we are trying to do those things? I feel that talking about a separation isn't dealing with our problems. It is just adding to them."

This single conversation may not solve all of your problems, but it's a good and very necessary start. Because to answer the question posed, I believe that you should be very concerned any time your husband mentions a separation, even if it is in anger or during a fight.

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With divorce becoming more common every year, it may seem like when marital problems become too much that divorce is the way your marriage is headed. But even if your marriage has reached that stage where you find yourself asking 'how can I save a doomed marriage?', there is still hope.

The first thing you must do is communicate with your partner. This means discussing both positive and negative things but it does not include laying the blame on your spouse. This will do nothing to help save your marriage. If anything, it will only make your spouse defensive and probably more unwilling to try and make the marriage work.

You also have to talk about the deeper issues in your marriage which have contributed to its deterioration. Even if it makes you uncomfortable, you have to deal with this sooner or later if you want the marriage to survive in the long run. This doesn't have to turn into a nasty affair. If these issues are important enough to affect your marriage then you should be able to discuss this civilly and rationally in order to come up with a solution that can benefit your marriage.

Despite the many emotions that can arise during this period, it is important not to blindly rush into actions which could end up pushing your partner away from you. This includes being too involved or affectionate, or being too overbearing. Instead, think calmly about your next course of action. How you can protect and save your marriage.

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If that doesn't work or if your efforts only result in more fighting, try to put some space between the two of you. Time apart can have positive effects, especially if both of you are at an emotionally stressed out.

If the problems seem to be beyond your ability to fix it by yourselves, you should consider trying marriage counselling. Marriage counsellors will be able to help you and your spouse get out into the open the urgent problems you must take care of. They will be able to offer advice and their take on the problems plaguing your marriage.

One of the answers to 'how can I save a doomed marriage?' is to make some changes in your life. Even if you make promises to your spouse, it won't mean anything until you actually make noticeable transformations. Try to improve and make a conscious effort to change the bad habits that could be affecting your marriage.

Your effort is all well and good but your spouse has to be willing to make the marriage work as well. If you have children, it can make it more important that the two of you work out your differences since you won't be the only ones who will be affected. However, if the children are the only reasons that the two of you can think of to stay together, then you may have some more thinking to do before coming up with the answer to 'how can I save a doomed marriage?'.

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Is my husband still in love with me is a question that many women ask after a few years of married life has passed. Early in the relationship we tend to have little to no doubt about how our husband feels. He rushes home to be with us, he never forgets our birthday or anniversary and he often tends to things around the house to keep us happy. That can all change over time and it can leave a woman questioning whether she still owns her spouse's heart. If you've been wondering whether your husband is actually still in love with you as opposed to simply loving you, there are a few signs in his behavior that will give you a great deal of insight into his heart.

Some of the signs your husband is falling out of love with you include:

He spends less and less time with you. Has your husband progressively gotten busier with work over the course of the past few months or years? Work is one of the favorite go-to excuses that men make when they no longer feel emotionally close to their wives. It's a very believable excuse and any well meaning wife generally won't question it because she believes her husband is hard at work providing for the family. If your husband is always looking for an excuse for why he can't be home, that's not a sign of a hard worker. It's a sign of a husband who has lost interest.

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Your intimate life has changed dramatically. Just as women find it hard to be physically intimate with a man if there is underlying conflict between them, men are very much the same. If your husband is falling out of love with you, he generally won't be as interested in lovemaking. If he's the one with the headache or he stays up late to avoid falling asleep with you, he may be not be as deeply in love with you as he once was.

He criticizes you on a continuous basis. Some people are emotionally immature and the way they handle a shift in their feelings is by lashing out at the person they loved. If your husband has taken to criticize you for your appearance or behavior that may be his way of emotionally detaching from you. It's also an approach some men take when they want the relationship to be over but don't have the courage to discuss it. They unconsciously berate their wife with the belief that she'll eventually become so tired of it that she'll leave the marriage. Pay close attention to what your husband complains about. It may have a much deeper meaning than you first realized.

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Married life is never the same from one day to the other. One day you might be thinking you have the best marriage, and you are the luckiest person ever; but the other day a new issue might make you wonder why you have married at all. This is normal - no marriage is without its fair share of fights. However, when these fights and problems persist for a long time, you might come to understand that your spouse wants to leave you. And maybe you are not ready for a divorce - you want to keep your family together. If that's the case, here is what you need to do in order to get your marriage back.

When your spouse makes you feel good about who you are, makes you more confident, you love your spouse. But this is simply not the case in many marriages - after a certain time, the "taking for granted" scheme starts to get in the way and you may stop appreciating your spouse's traits an character. And it's not until someone (like me) tells you that this could be the case, that you really realize this. Think about this thoroughly - do you make your spouse feel good about himself or herself? Do you appreciate your spouse like you did when you first married? If not, this is a very good reason why your spouse wants to leave you. And you want to start working against this.

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Marriages can be made great or horrible by doing (or not doing) the simplest of things. Take your everyday interactions for example. Out of nothing, just go to the kitchen and make your spouse a cup of coffee. Right, maybe he or she doesn't love coffee etc., but you get the point. Such simple gestures can really go a long way in repairing the marriage and making your spouse happier. Treat your spouse like you did in the first days of the relationship - like a lover and the romantic partner. Too often hardships of daily life suppress these essential roles in the marriage. Changing the way you treat your spouse even in very subtle ways can really turn the tables when your spouse wants to leave you.

When you stick to one plan that you know works, you can make great progress in saving your marriage. Maintaining a healthy marriage does not come naturally to a couple - there are things to do in order to nurture the love and make everything forever.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

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