What exactly does “me time” mean? To each mom it has a different meaning. To some it means going out with the girls, to others it may mean being able to just read a book for a half hour. You might be thinking “sometimes being a mom doesn’t allow a lot of time for me”. Moms usually can find any number of reasons why “me time” just doesn’t happen very often for them. Some moms may use the excuses I’m too tired or I’m behind on things as it is. If I take “me time” I will never get caught up. The biggest reason moms skip “me time” is feeling guilty about taking time away from their family.

We as mothers tend to put ourselves last on the list of our never ending list of things to do, but creating the time for ourselves is important. When you don’t have any time for yourself, life tends to overwhelm you easier than if you had the necessary time to recharge yourself. A stressed out and unhappy mommy is not healthy for anyone in the family.

Why should you put yourself #1 on your “to do” list?
• Taking time to recharge and relax actually makes you more productive.
• You will be fully available physically and emotionally for your family.
• You will meet the demands of the day with clarity and patience.
• You will feel empowered to handle whatever comes your way.
• You will be an amazing model of self-care for your children.
• It will increase your confidence and decrease depression and anxiety.

Ways To Fit “Me Time” Into Your Day

Here are a few ways that may help you find the time for “me time”:

1. Enlist the help of a friend or family member. Have the neighbor come over for 20 minutes and you go for a walk. This is good for your peace of mind and your body.

2. Wake up 30 minutes early and enjoy the quiet in your house before the chaos of getting your kids up and going starts.

3. Enforcing bedtime gives you that hour or two every night when you can enjoy doing some things for yourself whether it be surfing the Internet, or watching a movie.

4. Locking yourself in the bathroom for 10 minutes is a quick way to gain a few moments of peace in a hectic day. Keep magazines or a book in the bathroom and catch up on your reading.

5. Find another mom and take turns watching each other’s kids for an hour or two. By doing this once a week, you will eliminate some stress and get the desired “me time” to recharge your system. Knowing you can look forward to this time each week will help you thru the times that maybe you can’t have the time to yourself.

6. Reserve one day a week or every other week to get together with friends. Your friends keep you grounded and can help you see things from a different perspective. You can share your worries and frustrations which helps to release energy that drags you down.

7. Laugh and dance. Even if you do this with your children, you will feel better. Some days are complete chaos and laughing and dancing can help relieve the stress of the day. Your kids will love to see you cut lose and act silly. Get in touch with your inner child!

8. Exercising is another great way to improve your mood. Find a gym that has a daycare and take advantage of it for 30 minutes or an hour. Your kids will have fun playing with new friends and you get the necessary time to take care of yourself.

9. Find a reliable babysitter. Leaving your kids with someone is hard sometimes so ask other moms whom they use for a babysitter. Then look at your calendar, and schedule those days with your babysitter. Aim for getting out for a couple hours once a week.

10. Going to the grocery story, BY YOURSELF, is also a great way to have some “me time”. It is something that you have to do anyway. Don’t just rush thru it though; take your time and just browse. Maybe stop some place else before you go grocery shopping. TAKE ADVANTAGE of grocery shopping time and use it as the time you need for yourself.

Not enough time in the day, everybody else needs you; if I don’t do it who will and guilt are the excuses we use not to take “me time”. We as moms need to realize how important it is to take care of ourselves. It is okay to put yourself first. It is okay to set aside 30 minutes a day to do something just for you. The laundry won’t go anywhere so whether you do it now or 30 minutes from now, it really doesn’t matter. It will still get done.

When you realize how much better you will handle everyday life once you do take the necessary time for yourself, you will feel more in control, and you will start enjoy things in your family life again. Your kids will see a mommy that is less stressed and more fun. Your husband will see the woman he married and not the stressed out “mom” that walks around upset all the time.

Take the time for you and put yourself back on the priority list. You are worth it!

Author's Bio: 

Lori Radun is a certified life coach and founder of Momnificent! To join her community of magnificent moms, visit www.momnificent.com