Where Does Intuition Come From?
Jana Hollingsworth

Over the years, I’ve taught many people how to develop their psychic abilities. My students and clients have always been interested in how they can improve upon and strengthen these abilities. I had a student ask me recently “where does intuition come from?” I thought this was a great question and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Intuitive ability can come from several places… the first is from our subconscious mind. Our minds are like sponges absorbing various types of information throughout the day. Even though we may not consciously be aware of every detail we encounter, our subconscious mind keeps a large database of the things we see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel on a daily basis. (And some of us store even more information from previous lifetimes!) This information can come back into our conscious minds when it might be useful to us in some way.

We've all heard and read of incidents when a mother knows the minute something happens to one of her children. Many of you may also have unconsciously experienced checking into the thoughts of those around you. Checking into other's thoughts may manifest as finishing someone's sentence for them. It may also show up when you make a statement about something only to hear the other person say, "I was just thinking that!" or "I was just going to say that!"

The same type of communication holds true with animals. They can't speak to us in words but we can understand what they are saying to us through their body language. Our connection to others is very strong even though we may not be aware of how we are tuning into one another. There are also many "like minded" individuals who will find each other and form different groups or organizations. Perhaps there is a particular cause that people are passionate about that will bring them together. People who have the same political views or want to change the world in some way will band together. These are all signs of being telepathically drawn to each other.

Empathy is another component to psychic abilities. Similar to telepathy, having empathy for people or animals allows us to feel their joy, pain, sorrow or anger. It is a profound connection we feel for one another. It comes from a place deep inside of us. We are experiencing the same things others are feeling. There are many people who have the ability to pick up on others' feelings and take these feelings in as their own. I call these people the "walking sponges" because they can be very susceptible to absorbing the energy of everyone around them.

What about our connection to a higher source? Some people have a strong belief in God. Others may feel a connection with a crossed-over loved one, spirit guide or guardian angel. Whatever your connection may be, you have the ability to connect with a source much greater than you are. Perhaps it's the all-access pass we possess to universal wisdom.

Whatever it is you believe in, there is an energy that exists on another plane where we can draw information and inspiration into our lives. We each have access to this higher plane where we can gain knowledge from this vast and amazing universe!

Author's Bio: 

Jana Hollingsworth is a gifted Intuitive Coach,author, personal trainer and fitness model. She is known as the "Dr. Phil" of the spirit world. Jana's unique approach to Intuitive Coaching also draws on her experience as a Human Design Analyst, Holistic Health Practioner, her training in Spiritual Psychology and hr 20+ years of experience working with high-level executives of major corporations.