“Neha, your body is not responding to the pregnancy very well. You could end up losing
your baby if you do not take precautions” I still remember those words from the
Gynaecologist very clearly.
Everything in my life has been so perfect, I was doing very well in my job and was stepping
up the corporate ladder quickly. A top performer and a lucky wife, I couldn’t ask for more.
My life partner who also happened to be my close friend always supported me through thick
and thins and I got married to him at the age of 30.
We decided to get into parenthood after two years and it all began. My pregnancy was
complicated My doctor advised me strict bed rest and I had no option but to resign. I had to
take a break in my career. I was not mentally prepared for it. All of a sudden it felt like the
end of my career. I was very much in despair with this thought. My husband consoled me.
He said it is a short phase and will pass. But I was not ready to accept. After resigning, I
stayed at home just sleeping on the bed. We hired a maid for doing all household work.
But sitting at home taking rest doing nothing was a tough situation for me. Just playing with
the mobile, listening to songs, watching T.V. and sleeping was my daily routine. Soon my life
became stagnant resulting in my mood swings. My husband got worried. After consulting
with a counsellor he suggested me to look for work from home options. I also agreed with
him. I wanted to come out of stagnancy. So I started browsing for any work from home
opportunities to relieve the boredom of life.
I came across Pink Desk which is established only for women with the mission of women’s
growth and empowerment. They are helping women to share their ideas, knowledge in the
field of their interest. I found it interesting and registered there. Soon I started blogging about
my interests like beauty, fashion, and travel. In a few days, I started getting a good response
too. It was like exploring and finding ‘me’ within that was missing for a long time . It has
made my pregnancy bearable and I am mostly too occupied to think of the complications
and problems that might arise. I am even sharing my experience with other women who
might be going through similar phase and soon plan to form a close knit community to deal
with pregnancy related complications.
Sometimes there comes an unexpected turn in life and you don’t have any other option but
to face it and find a path through it. If you have a positive attitude of looking at the problems
as opportunities in disguise, you can definitely find a solution. Now I feel like I am doing
much more than just earning for myself and I am building an identity beyond the walls of a
corporate office. Afterall Where there is a will, there is a way!

Author's Bio: 

vrushali jagtap