Anger management is becoming a growing concern everywhere. A large number of places have already brought in support groups for individuals who suffer from anger related issues and their repercussions like abuse, recklessness and violence.

Connecticut provides has many programs on offer for professional or even household levels. Locating an anger management support group in Connecticut can be hassle free for there are a lot of such programs on offer for people of all ages and groups. For instance, The Child & Family Agency of South-eastern, Connecticut runs a website with all required information about support groups and anger management programs in the area.

A special focus in Connecticut is on youth and their anger related issues. It is because of this that there are so many youth-centred programs, camps and schools for anger management. They are meant for various groups – boys only, girls only, boys and girls, different age groups, etc. Bonneville Canyon Retreat is a sought after program for such a cause. The target participants are young men of eighteen years of age or older. This camp is held in a controlled and supervised surroundings. Bonneville Canyon Retreat allows the participants to get the appropriate counselling from experts and teach them healthy manifestations, self-respect, independent life and setting of objectives for life. This is complemented by schooling and teaching of work-oriented skills for future purposes. Many behavioural issues have been solved in this retreat and it can boast of helping individuals with their psychological and social crisis.

The Falcon Ridge Ranch, situated at Virgin, Utah, is one more program which is highly recommended when it comes to anger management support groups in Connecticut. This one is specially conducted for young adolescent women aged between 12-17. The facilities include 24x7supervision. It is created keeping in mind the need for help in teenage girls for emotional and behavioural crisis. It is easy to find out the details about Falcon Ridge Ranch. A quick search on the internet will reveal all the details you might want to know on this program.

Apart from these two support groups there are various other programs for anger management in Connecticut like Buxmont Academy for youth focused on kids of 12-18 age, Colt Schools for boys and girls(12-18years), ), Red Rock Canyon School for boys and girls 12 -17 years of age , Cedar Breaks Academy for girls, (12-17years), Meadowlark Academy for girls, (12-17years), Tipton Academy for boys ages 12-17and Eagle Valley Ranch for girls, ages 12-17. The above mentioned are all different forms of anger management support groups in Connecticut. Some work in the form of a school, while others are camps or retreats. But all have one thing in common. They offer support and encouragement for kids, young men and women to help them overcome their anger issues and make better and rational choices in their lives with a calm and collected mind.

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