Have you resolved to make a change this year but you are not quite sure if the resolution you’ve made is one you really want to commit to? Are you excited about making the change but resistance is much easier than stepping outside of your comfort zone? If either of these scenarios sounds familiar to you then you are not alone. It is usually around the middle of January when we start to question arbitrary resolutions but still long for lasting change. This is the perfect time to revisit our intentions, align our resolutions with our intentions, welcome and
confront the resistance and decide how we want to experience the change.

Have you ever made a new year resolution that no longer felt right but you felt like you had to keep it because you said you would? Most of us have. If this is true for you – be still and tap into your higher source in whichever way is best for you. Ask for guidance – then listen! Your intentions are the key.

The choices you make should always be grounded in your intentions. So look at the year ahead and ask yourself about the journey you will take this year? What is your destination for this leg of your journey? What stops will you make along the way? This is all a part of your intention which be divided into your overall intention, your specific intention and the results you desire. Keep in mind that your energy, choices and actions will follow your intention.

If you find that you are still feeling resistance after you revisit your intention, then realign your resolutions with your intentions. It might help to know that Merriam-Webster defines resolution as the act or process of resolving; the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones. So instead of being overwhelmed by the big picture you may find that it is easier if you make lifestyle choices that will allow you to evolve instead of setting stringent goals that are easy to give up on if you don’t realize instant success.

Remember that in order to move forward you will be required to step outside of your comfort zone. However, there is a difference between feeling uneasy with something and in opposing something from your core. If you are really feeling resistance instead of fighting it, stop and take a moment to take and inward glance to see where the opposition is really coming from. Tap into the universe, your intuition and your body, listen and then act.

Your assignment this week is to look at the resolutions you’ve made and see if they are still in alignment with your intentions. If not, simply realign and adjust your actions. If they are in perfect alignment, celebrate by moving forward with ease and grace.

Have a wonder-filled week!

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