One major reason why successful people are successful is that they have harnessed the ability to focus 100% of their energy and attention into the things that they are doing. They see a vision and they focus their attention upon it. They are not easily distracted.

Many of us are not this focused. It's all too easy to be working and yet not be totally focused. You perhaps have one eye on the clock, or you are thinking about the football game on Saturday, or what the kids are up to at the moment.

If you had to honestly complete a questionnaire that entailed scoring your degree of attention and focus during your working day what percentage do you think you would end up with? Very few people would even score 80%. A more realistic score is probably 60%.

If you were asked to complete a similar questionnaire with regards to your relaxation time what do you think your score would be? Now this answer is likely to be even more interesting. How many people truly switch off and totally focus upon their leisure activities.

Those of us who have a passionate interest in a sport as a part of their relaxation time are likely to score highly during those moments. But aside from that, when you drive, are you 100% focused upon driving? When you listen to music or watch the TV are you truly focused on that? When you are cooking, eating or reading how focused is your attention? Even when you are doing "you know what" are you truly focused?

The fact is that in our leisure time we are likely to be even less focused than in our work time. Thus how can we possibly expect to truly feel rested, refreshed or relaxed? And if your attention is not fully focused when at work, how can you truly expect the best results or gain any real feeling of achievement?

If you do not learn how to apply your focus upon the task in hand, be it work or play, you are cheating yourself of a whole lot of satisfaction, enjoyment and success. We do have the ability to focus our attention clearly upon one thing at a time, although this comes more easily to some of us than to others.

Sometimes all that is required is to be aware that you haven't been clearly focused. Awareness is usually the first step in enabling the making of any change. Then the next step is making a decision to do something about it. Only when that decision has been made and you have in effect made a commitment to yourself to do something will you look around for ways in which you can help yourself.

Hypnosis is of great benefit to a person who wants to trigger his or her own ability to focus in the moment. Hypnosis will also help you to relax whilst at the same time it can be used to motivate and focus your attention upon success. Hypnosis is very flexible as it in effect allows you to access a different state of mind and focus upon the things that you wish to apply your attention towards.

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