Who are You? Do you know yourself? Do you know your personality?

Please stand in front of the Mirror. Look at Yourself...
Who is in the Mirror? You are. What is this picture? What you see is reality?
Do you smile? Are you satisfied? Are you happy or are you bored, dissatisfied,sad?
This picture in the mirror - are you?

Take a sheet and cut 10 sections.
Who are you? - write down a statement about yourself, every piece of paper.
For example:
- I'm woman.
- I am wife.
- I'm mother.
- I am coach.
- I'm author.
- I'm Rabbit breeder.
- I'm student
- I am sister.
- I am Teacher.
- I am Hypnotherapist.

That's Right!

Which is the most important in your life, now? Which would you like best?
What is the first personality?
What is your second personality? and etc.

What is your main-personality,now? What do you spent most of your time?
Is this the more important in your life or other?

You are Multi-layered personality. If you know - what would you like to change your life, what is your Main-Personality in your life and discover your Passion - Never Give Up!

You are Fantastic!Become who would you like!

Author's Bio: 

Theresia Veloczy, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Author