Hey Friends,

Wanted to send out some thoughts on achieving what you set out to do daily. With everything at a fingers touch or click away, I found that every now and then we can easily lose focus on what we need to complete that day (myself included!). The result of losing focus is that the day flies by and you still have tons to do on your list.

The impact of that can be disappointment (and this can bring up the self worth gremlins that once let out, can run rampant). Plus it can aggravate underlining beliefs that I will never achieve the big things we want for myself ie "If I can't pay the friggin' electric bill on time, how will I ever manage study for that career change I badly desire!"

Start The Day with a Quick Win and not Facebook!
I sat back a while ago and thought about the patterns that lead to a successful day versus a disappointing day. I notice that when I did one of my plan tasks first thing in the morning, it instantly gave me that "Can Do" feel. For the rest of the day, I felt motivated to "Just Do it". Ultimately leading me to having a increased sense of worthiness and contentment.

Tips for that "Just Do it" Feeling

1. If you do not plan out your week and days please start right now!

2. Each morning look at the tasks you have ahead of you and do a task first thing (ie I vacuumed and cleaned this morning by 7.30, felt great and now on my 4th task. Its 10am!)

3. Generally, the task will be a home task or exercise / task

4. Should take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes

5. Always eat breakfast to fuel up and support energy levels for the rest of the day

6. Plan and prepare what you can the evening before so the sense of rush in the morning is eliminated (ie breakfast, lunch, your next day to-do list)

7. Checking Facebook from your bed after your alarm goes off on your phone is not counted as a task!

If you do these things daily, you start to condition yourself to Achieving. To Focus. To have awesome feeling of Success and Flow.

Parents, I know you have whole other ball game to contend with every morning with getting kids ready for school but I still say this is important for you to do as well. So give it go. Start now and not week next...!

Until next time... Happy Life Playground Kids. Let's PLAY!

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Janet McNally is a entrepreneur, life coach, business coach, motivational speaker and broadcaster. She is the Founder of Life Playground a place dedicated to inspiring other into take action through a number of self development programs on offer. Life Playground is about bring the childlike wonder back into life, allowing you to access the unlimited possibilities for yourself. Ready to Play?