Dentists often have to tell patient unpleasant news - the tooth must be removed. Teeth fall out not in one day. And not in one week. The process that provokes weakness and tooth loss develops over several months or even years. Therefore, the loss can be prevented. Why does tooth loss occur? And what to do to avoid this situation in your life?

5 Main Causes of Tooth Loss
1. Periodontal disease
The disease of gums, as a result of which the roots of the teeth become bare. The density of the joint tissues of the tooth and gums is broken. There is a sensitivity to hot, cold temperatures. The tooth gradually loosens and eventually falls out. Periodontal disease is dangerous by the absence of visible inflammation of the gums, as well as by the fact that it affects the entire jaw at once.

Parodontosis, especially in the initial stage, is almost impossible to notice by yourself. Therefore, every six months, let your dentist review your oral cavity.

2. The cleft between the gum and the tooth
Cleft, where food goes, appears with periodontitis. At an early stage, it can be cured by therapeutic methods, but at a later stage - only by removing the tooth.

Pay attention to your feelings when brushing your teeth. Does nothing bother you? Then, just in case, visit a doctor. Suddenly, what if a tiny cleft uncontrollably formed, which increase the chance of developing a big problem?

3. Cyst or granuloma on top of the root
The difference between them is small and easy to remember. Granuloma is a small problem. The cyst is already big. They are formed either as a result of poor-quality treatment or as a result of no treatment at all. First, a granuloma appears on the tooth (the cause is trauma or infection), and if it is not cured, it will turn into a cyst.

It is more difficult and longer to fight a cyst. But even it is treatable if you don’t wait until the last stage when the tooth has to be removed. It is impossible to live with a huge cyst - it will cause constant severe pain. To avoid the last stage if pain occurs, go to the dentist and find out the reason immediately.

4. Pregnancy and lactation
During pregnancy, a lot of calcium goes to the development of the bones of the child. A woman's teeth without calcium become brittle and weak. Hence the consequence - many during pregnancy lose their teeth, although there is a chance to save them.

When planning pregnancy, it’s necessary to examine the oral cavity and eliminate existing problems. Make a hygienic cleaning. Tell the dentist that you are planning a pregnancy and he will examine each tooth. Remember that in the next nine months, a dentist, along with a gynecologist and an endocrinologist, must be your most visited doctor. Ask your doctor which vitamins you need to take to support the normal range of calcium in the organism.

5. Malocclusion
If the teeth are positioned incorrectly, they do not touch as expected when chewing. The result - erased enamel, chips, injuries, and loosening.

Take care of your children and do not spare money for a good orthodontist. Correct the child's bite now, so that later, in adult life, he will not suffer from teeth pain and will not spend money on dentists.

Main Cause of Tooth Loss
Periodontal disease, caries, cyst - these diseases are provoked by microbes. And we bring the microbes ourselves when we are lazy to brush our teeth every time after eating, as well as in the morning and evening. Long-term smoking, consuming of harmful food, lack of vitamins, and severe stress reduces the overall immunity, which affects the condition of the teeth and gums.

We do not hesitate to gnaw nuts, neglect cleaning, overeat sweet and salty foods. And microbes, day after day, year after year, do their disgusting job - destroy our teeth and provoke diseases.

Therefore, the main advice given by doctors of any specialty (not only by dentists) is to lead a healthy lifestyle and get enough sleep. Find yourself a stress reliever. And hygiene, in general, should be an integral part of your life. Take vitamins prescribed by your doctor. And once every six months, visit a family dentist - it is inexpensive and fast. In any case, preventing is faster and cheaper than treatment.

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I am Amelia Grant, journalist, and blogger. I think that information is a great force that is able to change people’s lives for the better. That is why I feel a strong intention to share useful and important things about health self-care, wellness and other advice that may be helpful for people. Being an enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle that keeps improving my life, I wish the same for everyone.