The latest enterprise phone system technology is Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP. Not many years ago, the only options for companies were to use their phone service, and then you had some features you could choose from, e.g. Voice mail. Then VoIP came into place for home users, it was cheap, easy to install, and you connected it to your existing broadband internet connection.

Today, VoIP telephony systems have made great strides in business, and in fact, the security that VoIP offers is unique compared to just a few short years ago. In the early days of VoIP, the sound quality was terrible and no one could have used it for business purposes, but many homeowners overlooked the clarity because the price was so much less than regular phone service.

One of the best aspects of VoIP phone systems for businesses is lots of features that are included for free. Some of these features include:

• Conference call features
• Ability to queue calls
• Diversion
• Advanced voicemail features
• Fax features
• Backup of battery in case of power failure

The features thrown in for free are useful, especially if your business is growing. For example, you may not be using call queue right now, but as your business grows, you will find this feature invaluable. Therefore, with business VoIP phone systems, it is very expandable and you have all the features in place when you need them.

Of course, the price is the biggest attraction for the business VoIP price, whether you are a small business or large, the price matters. If you have offices in many places, many of the business VoIP allows you to call others on the same level for free, which means you reduce your phone bill every month by a huge amount.

The reliability of VoIP has come a long way from the early days. There was a time when companies would never consider using VoIP, but technology has advanced and VoIP has become a very stable communication solution for many companies. If you remembered the old VoIP days when it was unstable, you might want to look at it again to see how it can save your business money.

Finally, VoIP for businesses also has the automatic companion, so calls can be easily routed to the right extension. This is very useful because it saves you money because you do not have to hire a secretary or pay the higher price that the telephone company charges.

Finally, the telephone company and VoIP for businesses today, more than ever, are big competitors, and both will tell you that their system is the best, but when it comes to features and price, VoIP wins every time.

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