Back pain is very common in our western society, because we don't do sufficient exercise to enable our skeletal joints to move adequately, without becoming stiff and sore on movement.

We drive around in cars too much and do mostly sedentary activities at work that does not provide our body with sufficient physical movement, for generating a comfortable lifestyle in our daily life.

Back pain is more common in heavier individuals, because they are carrying more weight than is normal on the human body. This extra weight puts additional loading stress on many skeletal joints, causing pressure pain, fatigue, plus wear and tear on specific joints.

One particularly area where the pain is most pronounced will be the spine in heavier individuals. The reason for this is you have little or no movement in the spine, because the extra weight around your torso is impeding the spine's mobility.

It is not dieting that you need to focus on, but increasing the amount of time spent in productive movement during the day. This will reduce the time you spend on consuming high calorie foods and change the emphasis in to burning off the calories that you consume as food.

A focus on dieting means that you will starve your body of important nutrition, which will leave you feeling weak and exhausted then you will NOT want to move at all, but simply sleep!

It is better now to accept that you have a weight problem and think about what you are going to do about it. If you have a friend, a family member or even your doctor to discuss it with; then you will gain support and the correct information about how you make the positive changes, so that you incorporate daily functional activity into your daily life.

Positive changes are always refreshing to consider, because they will make you healthier, you will feel and look better and it will also save money.

However, I wouldn't consider joining a gym a positive move, because you will end up using a car to drive to the gym. This will not only cost you money, but defeat the purpose of your functional activity.

A more positive functional change would be to take a walk first thing in the morning around the block before breakfast and then last thing at night, before you go to bed. If you have a companion with two or four legs, then you take them along with you! This will help avoid late night snacking before you sleep!

If you see an elevator or a moving staircase, while you are out shopping, avoid them and look for the simple stairs to manually climb. This is a wonderful functionally aerobic activity that will help your heart become increasingly stronger, as you lift your body up each step.

Heavier individuals suffer more back pain than normal-sized people, because their extra weight increases the stress load on their weight bearing skeletal joints. This increase in weight loading limits the movement in their skeletal movements and as a consequence reduce the gliding movements in the spine needed for stimulating its balance mechanism that makes the spine comfortable for daily living activities.

Rather than thinking in a sickness model, Gail offers a more positive healing perspective, where Gail explains about the root causes of customer's skeletal pains and how they can be corrected through correct productive movements, than just easing the symptoms away temporarily. Gail explains how by using correct ergonomic movements in normal productive activity, back discomforts can be erased and this is from using her own experience of cycling instead of driving, that erased the postural scoliosis caused by one leg growing faster as a child. She no longer visits a chiropractor to erase her back pain.

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The author Gail McGonigal is a qualified Occupational Therapist, with a Master's degree in Health Promotion. Gail owns a company called Active Living Solutions Ltd that is designed for selling comfortable solutions for relieving back pain for larger and smaller person. Gail explains more about the parts of an ergonomic chair that will help your skeletal problems in her free e-book: