Today's post is for those 99% of the people who set goals but find that the road to follow through is a treacherous terrain. This article will give you one key reason for failure and one proven strategy to turn your slip ups into your thumbs ups.

As the New Year continues on it pretty soon becomes not so new and exciting. Same is true for all the changes and transitions in our lives. If you are like most people you start out a new era, a new year, a new job with several hopes, intentions, goals and resolutions.

But what do you do when you slip up? Research shows that people give up their resolutions and goals within first few days and weeks. Some people are able to stretch them for a little bit longer and there is a minority of people who are actually able to follow through and achieve those goals.

Have you wondered what sets apart the ones who follow through and the ones who give up?

Whether it is a goal to give up addictions, such as certain foods, drugs or alcohol or a decision to say find more time for your family, climb the career ladder or anything else,some succeed and some fail.

A lot of times people falsely believe that once a decision is made it has to be followed a hundred percent of the times. There in lies the reason for our failure.

As human beings we are too hard on ourselves especially when we have certain expectations. When we make a decision to say give up alcohol we forget the seduction of addiction, the temptation of the high we feel and the power of habit.

Not only that we take one slip up as a proof that we can not follow through, we label ourselves as untrustworthy and conclude that it is no use trying. As a result, we use one slip up as a reason to let ourselves spiral down to the depth of despair, self doubt and old destructive behaviors.

In reality the road to success is paved with countless failures. Each slip up when recognized and explored, gives us hints into what to do or avoid in the future. This kind of self reflection is imperative for success.

In addition, we must have compassion for our self. Acknowledging that we are human beings, therefore, not perfect helps us to get up, dust our clothes off and continue the journey.

It is not so much the slip ups but our habit of self bashing and condemning ourselves that makes us lose trust in our ability to follow through. It makes us give up our hopes, desires and goals. As a result we spiral down the path of self destruction.

Like a robber and a thief self bashing robs us of our zest, our hopes and our dreams. Self bashing is a foe. It robs you of your wellbeing and ability to live a happy and fulfilled life.

If you use it to motivate yourself beware. Self bashing is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It might entice you with small victories but it will claim your self esteem. As a result, you would begin feeling unworthy of any meaningful and real success.

On the other hand, when we have compassion for ourselves, our slip ups become our friends. They teach us what makes us tick. These slip ups help us to understand our own hidden fears, motives and agendas.

If we dare to engage in self reflection with compassion, there is always hope. Self reflection helps you create a habit of living powerfully. We learn, we grow and keep moving forward knowing that the goal is growth not perfection.

So how are you doing with your intentions, desires and goals? Are you using self bashing as a motivator? What do you do when you slip up?

Leave me a comment. Share your stories, victories and worries that get in the way of achieving your goals and dreams.

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Shahina Lakhani, RN, MSN, Author, Speaker, Educator She is also an NLP Master Practitioner, Reunion Kinesiology Facilitator, Theta Healing Practitioner: Shahina has been a nurse for over 25 years. She has worked as an educator, Nurse Practitioner and a Hospice Nurse. Shahina is a holistic life change expert. She empowers people to feel safe during major life change – divorce, serious illness or even if death is staring you in the eye. Her passion is to help you experience well-being and living powerfully until your last breath.