Fear increases productivity primarily due to its ability to instill a strong sense of purpose in people! Fearing the loss of anything we covet is one of the most intense motivating factors a person can experience! This motivation pushes you to focus your effort on doing whatever it takes to prevent your loss! Whether the fear is intentionally used such as in a work environment or the product of a random occurrence or event it strengthens your sense of purpose making your efforts more productive!

Let's look at the effect of how our fearing something can contribute significantly towards our efforts being much more productive!


It is human nature when confronted with any type of fears to do whatever we can to make these feeling go away! This is quite frankly one of the most uncomfortable feelings to experience therefore it gives you an instant sense of purpose which is to extinguish the fear! Obviously having any type of fear will compel you to focus your effort on ridding yourself of it and in many cases by doing whatever it takes!


Fears or threats are typically something that gets our immediate attention! Just as typically is a persons reaction which is to take immediate measures to fix, solve or defeat the source! In this way the actions you take have a singular sense of purpose thereby increasing your focus and making your effort or efforts all the more productive!


Possessing the intense motivation and the keen focus we discussed above only serves to strengthen our resolve in order to accomplish our immediate goal! Nobody likes the uncomfortable feeling or the mental torment of being fearful of something and nor do they want this condition to persist! With that said doing what it takes and for as long as it takes is the normally adopted attitude people take to recapture their former comfort level!

Fear increases productivity in a way that may not be all that comfortable but it is very effective nonetheless! Facing the loss of anything we covet whether it is a loved one, income or even bodily harm is one of the greatest motivating factors a person can have for taking action to prevent the loss! Fearing anything strengthens our sense of purpose to do what it takes in order to rid ourselves of this fear. The discussion above shows the 'progression' we go through when faced with the potential loss of something we covet and how it will compel you into channeling your effort into avoiding the loss! In this way this particular emotion serves to make our efforts more purposeful and productive!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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