Will, you ever need a sword to cut a pumpkin? Will you prefer pulling out a gun to kill mosquitoes? Do you sell your car to buy groceries or something of that sort? Definitely not! That is because you know that when your requirement is mediocre, you can manage with scanty resources. However, the case is not the same always; in life, there are instances when you actually need to take out a sword or pull a gun or are break the locker!

The same goes true in the case of health. For common cold, cough, fever, muscular sprains or pain relief, you may easily get the requisite treatment from any physician out there. But when it comes to getting some specialized attention to yours or your family’s health, you won’t risk yourself in the hands of a newbie or averagely experienced doctor. You need a specialist!

Especially so, if it’s a matter concerning bones, joints, ligaments, etc, the above ideas naturally get turned down. You know that you cannot and should not think anything beyond an expert – precisely an orthopedic! It goes without saying that if the case is harsher than just pain or age-old pain, as in case of an accident or dislocation, you uncompromisingly need to see an orthopedic surgeon. Not just any; an experienced and expert like Dr. Srivatsa Subramanya, who is understandably the best orthopedic surgeon in Bangalore!

A physician or a Surgeon – the difference!

Well, there is no difference between the two; both have studied medicine, both hold degrees and both carry a substantial amount of experience at varying levels. Physicians are good at examining the patients and diagnosing their disorders. Further, they advise a specific course of treatment to the patients.

Surgeons are equally so from that perspective. But they go the extra mile and can take a case to the operation theatre. They are additionally skilled to carry out surgical treatments and when it comes to orthopedics, these factors largely matter.

Most of the time, orthopedic cases come to the hospital in extreme conditions. The reason may be an accident or some other severe conditions, but at times, emergency care is needed and a suitable answer to them may be surgery!

What makes an orthopedic surgeon stand out!

Expertise in the field of medicine is seen everywhere these days. Talking about orthopedic, as many as 12000 to 15000 orthopedic surgeons exist in India. Out of these, Bangalore alone holds hundreds of them and is an internationally renowned hub for orthopedic treatment and specialization.

Then what makes Dr. Srivatsa Subramanya stand out from the crowd? Together with experience and expertise, Dr. Subramanya holds impeccable versatility. His area of specialization is extensive as he can masterfully execute joint replacements. He is the most dependable surgeon for shoulder and knee treatment as his experience is not just in treating domestic patients but international as well. His full range of orthopedic treatments can be understood from his specialization in Knee Arthroscopy, ACL Surgery, Shoulder Arthroscopy, Knee Replacement. Rotator Cuff repair and also Shoulder replacement.

There is a special mention of Dr. Srivatsa Subramnya as a joint replacement surgeon. As a specialist, he is adroit with every aspect of shoulder, knee and other joints and has the caliber to handle even the most complex and high-risk case with unsurpassable ease.

From common troubles to stern problems, be it a frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement, shoulder dislocations or arthritis, Dr. Srivatsa’s expertise turns out to be most appropriate. Similarly, it is so in cases of knee arthritis, knee arthroscopy, partial or total knee replacement, meniscus tears, etc.

If you or some closed one has an injury that needs specialized attention or requires advice on some orthopedic matter, you should see Dr. Srivatsa Subramanya’s appointment, the most reliable and best orthopedic surgeon in Bangalore.

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Dr. Srivatsa Subramanya is one of the best Orthopedic surgeon in Bangalore and a shoulder and knee specialist. He brings in a truly global experience in shoulder and knee surgery.