The reality is that some of us, at some point in our lives, will either use or abuse drugs and alcohol. This usually comes during college, a time and place where people are expected to find their own identities and veer away from the influence of their parents. Whether trying to fit in, trying to be unique, or just exploring the many risks and possibilities of college, many find themselves steadily walking on the path of substance abuse. This doesn’t mean a person is weak, just unsuspecting, and there’s always the risk of going too far.

These substances not only alter our mood, they also affect the way our brain thinks and makes decisions. It only stands to reason that we should be educated; the more we know, the more we'll be able to make intelligent, objective decisions regarding the possession and use of such dangerous substances.

Enter the online alcohol and drug classes. Whether you need to take a class for legal reasons, court or probation related concerns, completing a work requirement, or just for personal knowledge, there's the option to skip actual, physical class and opt for an online class instead.

If you need education regarding drugs and alcohol, wouldn't it be better if you personally attended a class? That depends on your personal needs and preferences. Here are some of the reasons why people choose to do this online.


You won't even need to go out of the house in order to attend these classes. All you need is a secure, speedy Internet connection, a computer, the means to pay for the class, and you're good to go. There will be no need to be in a room filled with people who will hear about your personal problem. If you want privacy, online is the way to go. You can sit in the comfort of your home in California, Illinois or anywhere in the 50 states and find an online class!

Adjusts to Your Schedule

It will just be like a regular class with reading, lectures, and tests, except that the entire classroom is on a single website. That means you can access it anytime of the day (or night); just log in or out with the username and password that will be provided. Since it's online, you'll be able to do this with any computer that has an Internet connection. This also means that it'll be easy to contact your teachers if need be. The student can take 8 hour alcohol drug awareness classes, all the way up to 52 hours. This depends on your own choice or what the court has sanctioned for you.

Online alcohol drug classes are perfect for anyone who needs to fulfill a court appointed sanction, for those who are interested in education and of course for those who truly need help with rehabilitation and are looking for a low-cost, convenient and effective route.

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Dr. Ari Novick is the President of A website dedicated to educating people about alcohol awareness. Click here for more information on Alcohol Awareness Classes

Dr. Ari Novick also provides world class online Minor in Possession Classes