Programming is no longer just for technology nerds. Basic programming skills are important, after all that more and more areas of life are transforming to be based on software and algorithms. Children, in particular, should, therefore, become digitally mature. What can parents do so that their children not only use the technology but really understand it? We believe that every child shouldjust try it out. There are a number of simple and free applications that children can use to learn the basics of programming for free. The applications are available for (almost) all ages and experience levels, from simple web applications to the app for Android or iOS to complex games for download but the challenge here is would your child be responsible to own by himself or herself?

Why is it important for children to learn programming?

We can hardly imagine a working world without applications, computers,internet or machines. In a study, two scientists from Oxford University calculated that 47 percent of existing jobs would be automated in the next decade or even before. Our children are growing digitally anyway anda decade from now they will grow up and probably be choosing their majors in different universities or ready to hit the job market. Do they face a future in which the majority of them will sooner or later be replaced by machines? No, because the digital revolution offers incredible potential and creates many new jobs that we cannot imagine today!

As a parent, what are you doing to help your kids discover their true potential and mind capabilities? What is preventing your child from being the next Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg? Our kids are growing up digitally anyway. So why not repurpose kids attention of their loved devices and gadgets by teaching them something beneficial using these devices. Learning to code will not only fulfill kids’ needs from gadgets perspectives but will enhance the students curiosity, logic skills and expand their imagination

Programming and Coding Options:

Scratch Programming for Kidsis  programming language that was developed by MIT in USA. It is a graphical programming language which aims to teach kids by dragging and dropping colorful logical blocks to make programming more engaging and accessible for kids, teens, and others who want to learn programming but do not have the experience.When it comes to learning to program, scratch programming is one of the most popular applications. With Scratch, kids can easily learn the basics of programming. You will learn how loops, conditions, or variables work without typing a single line of “real” code. In many tutorials (exercises) they work out the basics step by step and later use the knowledge they have learned creatively in their own programs. The possibilities range from simple animations to interactive stories to small games. The children can also integrate music, pictures, or their own webcam. The finished projects can be shared in a community. Where the kids can also try out other users' projects and continue working on other project ideas. Is programmed by blocks or Blocks can be strung together with a simple program code. This and the step-by-step development of possibilities make Scratch particularly suitable for beginners. Scratch works in any popular browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, or Safari.

On the other hand, Python is one of the newest programming languages that became in a short time one of the most sought skills in job market. Usually, kids learn Python by learning Game Development and Design as the easiest way to grasp the logic. This will build a strong foundation that helps them in their college and make them higher performers compared to their colleagues. This will enhance their capabilities in Math, Science and their confidence at school. As we said before, many jobs will be disappearing, and learning how to code will save kids future.


There are many products and tools with which teenagers and young kids can learn how to code. Comparing many websites and schools we came to the conclusion that Douglas Tech Academy is one of the best academies for teaching kids how to code at young age. Douglas Tech Academy is a Canadian School that was founded in 2007, headquartered in the city of Mississauga in the Greater Toronto Area. Their teachers are coming from many of the quality Canadian Universities. And recently they expanded their programs to teach many kids across the globe. Now they deliver classes in Canada, USA, Middle East (Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates/UAE and Qatar) and are expanding into Europe and Australia.

They offer quality programs like “ScratchProgramming for Kids” and “Python for Kids and Teens”. This gives kids great opportunity to learn programming through a Canadian Academy that was exclusive to kids living in Canada.

In short,keep a healthy balance in your kids activities, do not forget sports but keep coding in the mix. This will make your kids succeed and be distinguished in a world that is crowded in competition and talent. Remember, building of their future starts now. Find a good school to teach your kids coding.

You should definitely consider Douglas Tech Academy which deliver online coding classes led by Canadian university teachers live from Canada to the world. The Canadian education system is considered one of the best education systems in the world. Every year Douglas Tech Academy receives thousands of applications from Canadian and international students to join their programs. Now every parent should avail the opportunity to teach their kids programming by joining a Canadian unique friendly and engaging academy, Douglas Tech Academy.

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