A ‘coach' is usually associated with sports, with a sergeant type person pacing up and down the sidelines, yelling instructions at hapless players.

However, coaching is an integral component in not just sports teams but also in management training and leadership skill building.

Coaching makes leadership and management possible for anyone

Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist, split leadership styles, or ‘role' played by the individual as leader into six categories. The situation amongst a group or team is very often that they are all quite competent and often motivated but because of the anonymity of a company, particularly large ones, may have no idea of the ambitions or goals of that company. The levels of competency and motivation may vary wildly amongst the members of a group, which can cause problems within it, requiring a coach to aim their teaching at them as a group, leveling the playing field and the members' expectations. Individual coaching is another technique. The coaching leader is there to streamline everyone's points of view and perspectives, values and their own personal ambitions so that they run within and interlinked with the organization's.

Individual and Team greatness is possible with good coaching.

Perfection is only possible with practice, communication, and feedback, so effort should be made for this to happen on a regular basis. The members of the team will learn how to almost unconsciously keep checking themselves and their work for areas which could be improved, and the steps needed for that to happen, hence helping the team itself run more smoothly. A good analogy is all the members of an orchestra. Members will practice painstakingly by themselves playing their particular instrument as well as with the orchestra so that when they sit together and play, the result is perfect harmony.

Coaching can cultivate high levels of commitment to a collective goal or goals

Targets which are required to be met sooner are balanced by the coach with the long term goals for which the organization has hired the members of the team. By also cultivating the personal ambitions of the team members, personal issues are kept out of the way. On a both informal and formal basis, the ideas and vision of the company can be constantly communicated, which is inspirational and motivating to the members. As you can see, by taking one step at a time and integrating the goals of the individual, team and organization with short term goals and having a plan in place, this all adds to the sustainability of motivation and commitment amongst the team members.

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