For anybody looking to get more done one surefire way, in most cases, is when you are confronted with a deadline to meet! Although this is NOT a 'strategy' recommended by this writer it has proven to be highly effective at increasing work efficiency due to the sense of urgency such situations often present! Perhaps you've experienced the same result and if you have here are 3 logical explanations as to why!

Urgency Equals Energy

It's amazing how a sense of urgency can invigorate even the most lazy amongst us! This feeling or sense is much like a 'slap in the face' or a 'wake-up call' that always seems to get our attention! With a looming deadline to meet people tend to realize they need to take the appropriate actions needed and right NOW! The jolt of adrenalin or infusion of energy we feel is our own bodies responding to the need to do what it takes, as quickly as possible, to make the deadline on time!

Focus Increases

Much like being awaken to a late night family crisis, having a deadline to meet will certainly get your attention, it does mine! In these instances we become acutely aware that nothing else matters, short of a some type of catastrophe, and this really helps to channel your focus! When people are not being pushed or pressured to get something done they are quite often more 'casual' in their approach! However when time is running out, a sense of urgency sets in and their efforts become fully focused on what it is they need to do to complete the task at hand!

The 'Calculating' Mind

Each and every one of us has the ability to quickly determine the 'shortest' path to where we want to go! Without being pressured however most people will always take the leisurely scenic route to get to their final destination! Obviously this leads to and is the major 'culprit' of all our inefficiencies when it comes to accomplishing those objectives we view more as work and not as pleasure! On the other hand when pressure is applied for whatever reason it's amazing how this can boost our work efficiency! With no time left for 'dilly dallying' around most people are able to quickly identify the most efficient way to get the job done!

Everybody and anybody would be interested in how to get more done in their busy lives and many times having a deadline to meet is the answer! As we all know when this type of situation arises a sense of urgency tends to guide your every effort and results in improving your work efficiency! Although, as previously stated, this is NOT a recommended strategy to use, it does offer very desirable effects! The review above focuses on 3 logical explanations as to why a sense of urgency, or near panic, can make you more productive! Although it makes more sense to simply remain motivated and do what you must when you should, inevitably each and every one of us will find ourselves in this situation! Now if you enjoy the 'rush' of your heart pounding in your chest to simply improve your work efficiency, you understand why the 'panic' mode makes you more productive!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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