Hypnosis is a mental state of hyper-suggestibility where the conscious mind is dissociated from the subconscious mind. During this state of hypnosis the patient’s mind is in a relaxation mood where the conscious mind is subdued and the subconscious mind is open to receive suggestions and easily from the person performing the hypnosis. After looking at the above definition of hypnosis, it is then easy to conclude that it can be dangerous considering the brain is a like a computer where what information is fed is what it brings out. By opening the doorway for external interference to the brain, you risk introducing or even subjecting your brain to certain dangers. It is therefore to avoid any methods of hypnosis especially when they are self or not familiar to you. There are several dangers that come out of this including introducing certain fears that were unknown to the brain and other conditions that make the patient mentally unfit.

The situations that can pose dangers for hypnosis are as follows; amateur hypnosis, using hypnosis to treat a condition that the performer of hypnosis is not familiar with and also when an inadvertent post hypnotic suggestion has been introduced into the subconscious mind. A set of possible dangers of hypnosis are categorized as follows; psychotic symptoms or otherwise referred to acute panic attacks, symptom substitution, hiding of physical pathology and depression instances that may bring about suicidal behavior. The particular complications that can result to hypnosis are signs of regressed behaviors, physical discomfort, stiffness, arm or neck, stress levels become high, dizziness, drowsiness, and depression, anxiety and panic attacks among others. The complications can damage the mental wellness of the brain and ultimately affect the patients overall wellbeing. A patient suffering from certain hypnosis complications can be triggered into hypnosis states when a trigger word is sounded somewhere. So, when you are thinking of getting hypnotized you should think twice on whether it is really necessary or you can get alternative kinds of treatment for your ailment or problem. If you really have to be hypnotized it’s advised that you go to fully authorized and qualified practitioners who know what they are to do. This will reduce the chances of getting or being prone to any dangers.

There some things that you should put into consideration when making up your mind about hypnosis treatment among other means of treatment include; never go to seek treatment by hypnosis from someone who does not know how to treat the condition you are suffering from, even if they are great in treating others, accurate diagnosis is required before commencing hypnosis so as to figure out exactly what the patient is suffering from, do not insist on getting hypnotized when other alternative means of treatment have been suggested as well after diagnosis. Not all methods of hypnosis are safe to you so take caution while being treatment through hypnosis. Practice brainwave entrainment, this is a technology that has been tested and proved to be effective.

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