There is a massive epidemic of "disorders" in children. So many children and adolescents are on anti-depressant, anti-anxiety or "attention enhancing" medications for a host of different "disorders" like ADD, HDAD, Anxiety or depression. Why is an 11 yr old having anxiety or thoughts of suicide? Something is desperately wrong! Certainly there are some cases that may have real physiological predisposition to mental disorders. However, research has shown that a great deal of these cases require simply more "attention" - to diet, exercise, spiritual condition, or it may simply be the emotional environment at home is dysfunctional and needs addressing.

I met with a man with decades of experience in working with families and who personally developed several well-renowned treatment facilities across the country. We discussed what can be done to intervene with kids before these "disorders" develop. Basically, his philosophy is that the kids are not the issue. It is our culture and the adults that need to look at themselves first, before the kids have a chance. It was said to me, that, "The parents/adults will need to be willing to undergo their own work (a de-construct of their own issues) and look at themselves before real and effective recovery can happen for the entire family." He went on to say that there are great treatments available for children and their families, yet, it requires a willingness to change. It requires courage on the part of the adults to take an honest look at the situation and ask some tough questions.

Parents, physicians, teachers and the community, would have to look at themselves and ask: are they really listening to the children or operating on their own agenda, what are they modeling in communication and living in integrity, what type of programming are they instilling in these children, how present are they really, how much "Attention" are they really giving the children - or do they allow their kids to be entertained and occupied by the television, video games, computer, etc., how emotionally present are the parents in the lives of these children, what do they show kids about healthy living in body, mind and spirit. How may of these parents are simply not taking responsibility, by just labeling and drugging the children as an "easier" path for themselves? How has the community become so politically correct, that they refrain from real intervention - when simply speaking up could make the difference in the life of a child?

Teachers are frustrated as they can often times see the dysfunction in the family system and the effects on the kids. Unfortunately there are a few teachers that take upon themselves to suggest medications, which is completely inappropriate given their lack of professional designation to make those recommendations. Often times they are ladened with the child that appears in school clearly emotionally or behaviorally challenged due to issues at home. Yet, the teachers are unable to help, given all the legal, social and economic restrictions. Good teachers do what they can to educate, support and empower these kids - yet, are losing the battle in many cases. After all is does "Take a village to raise a child" But when the village is so restricted the child suffers.

The Parents, Teachers and Communities need to have the Courage to look at the alternatives! Kids are dying or in many cases, just existing in a pharmaceutical haze - carrying labels of learning disabled, attention deficit, hyper, behavioral and more. These kids feel like outcasts or different - so the problem grows exponentially. How do kids become this way? Why are we doing this to these children? Why are we not looking at what is wrong with the school system or the family system, or the community? How many kids will have to die to suicide, violence or drug addiction before the adults have the courage to take responsibility?

Great news is there are some courageous pioneers developing terrific programs to confront this epidemic. There are good physicians who do not just write a prescription, rather they ask the tough questions and take a more holistic approach. There are more medical and behavioural experts coming forward to assist the families and their children through education including: meditation, nutrition, exercise, and healthy emotional modeling. A holistic approach to solutions is emerging across the country. The results have been incredible. Two such organizations are making great headway.

David Lynch Foundation (, in conjunction with some of the top medical schools and experts in the country, has developed such a program that is seeing astonishing results in children from Junior High through College. They are currently in 14 schools and working with top medical experts and bringing meditation to the classrooms around the country. It is a fantastic way to begin to support kids. Please visit their website for more information.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, renowned heart surgeon, developed Health corps (, a community based Peace Corps type service organization bringing solutions of health and fitness to our schools.

Please visit these websites to learn more about programs that may be available in your area.

We all need to step up and Speak up and have the courage to change the things we can!

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Dedicated to a life of Integrity. 26 Yrs Business Experience (Investments, corporate marketing,real estate) Integrative Energy Therapy Practioner (IET) Advanced Certification in Numerology Intuitive Guidance/Spiritual (not religious) Coaching.