Coaching, like therapy, and other forms of self-improvement has it's detractors or skeptics who question the need for coaching and the benefits. In fact, EVERYONE benefits from having a coach because no matter what kind of genius you are at what you do, a coach can offer you perspective, support, advocacy and accountability like no one else. People who get coaching and stick with it are generally more successful and more satisfied with their success, their progress, and their lives than their counterparts who do not receive the same benefits of receiving coaching. I won't bore you with a ton of statistics proving this; suffice it to say that they exist. Not surprising, many of the best coaches have coaches themselves and pay dearly to be coached by top coaches and trained by top trainers. If you read the biographies of super successful people, you'll find that they had coaches, trainers, mentors and the like. They were willing to allow someone to help them work with their strengths, deal with their weak areas and become all they can be to fulfill their potential.

I once heard a top consultant suggest that one invest at least 3% of their earnings in themselves. Each year I invest thousands of dollars into seminars, coaching programs, retreats, trainings and expert consultants. I invest more than 3%.

So why would you do that?

1. You are the most important and valued asset you have. You want to be the best you can be, learn as much as you can, and be in a position to offer as much as possible to clients and others in your life so you’ll get coaching to continually uplevel your awareness, skills, techniques, and knowledge. You'll improve your capacity and ability to get out of your own way! You’ll accelerate your personal growth and spiritual transformation as well.

2. You are sure to produce a much more substantial return on investment than any stock, bond or other traditional investment. This is truer today than ever before! This investment in yourself will not only yield more financially, but it also gives you much greater satisfaction, peace, freedom and delight! Even were you to get the same financial yield on an investment, no one else would benefit besides you. By investing in yourself, everyone who comes in contact with you benefits as well. Your relationships improve both in your business and in your personal life, you're able and willing to give more and receive more, and be better able to fulfill your purpose which, ultimately, benefits all of humanity and it feels so amazingly GREAT, so deeply satisfying and fulfilling!

3. You get to meet and hang out with amazing coaches, trainers and others also being coached and trained. You get to be exposed to their mindset, their energy, and their inspiration and increase your awareness, motivation, and wisdom. Priceless. Gee, sounds like one of those commercials for a credit card.....
Why else might you want to get coaching? For me, coaching, and the other modalities (NLP, Hypnosis, ThetaHealing and EFT) I practice, helped me to change my brain (literally changed my neurology, changed the neuro pathways in my brain, changed the way my brain is wired) and my beliefs, which made it possible for me to live the life I’m meant for. Throughout my life, I had the sense that I had great potential, but I wasn’t able to utilize all of it. This was enormously frustrating and painful!

I started my career as an architect. I was so scared that the world didn't see or understand me or my talent, that the world didn't want what I had to offer, and that I'd be judged and rejected. These fears and limiting beliefs interfered with me consistently doing what was needed to get enough exposure and get enough commissions to earn a good living. I was so identified as my work; I thought that I was this architect rather than seeing that I was a person who worked as an architect, that this was one aspect of my life, but not who I was fundamentally. I was so caught in that identity that if the architect or her work was rejected or not seen, I was completely devastated.

Life's twists and turns led me to apply my talent in creative problem solving in ways other than in architecture. I changed professions after becoming a mother. I have done A LOT of work on myself (over the past 35 years with the help of some excellent professionals: coaches, teachers, trainers, etc.), matured some along the way and am now much less identified. This makes it much less vulnerable to market my business and my services. I am aware that I am marketing a service, a service that I provide, but that this is distinctly different than thinking that I was marketing myself! I won't tell you that there's no vulnerability for me now, but it's tolerable and I don't allow it to be an obstacle. I don’t worry about it to the degree I once did. In fact, I don’t worry about it much anymore.

In addition to being overly identified, I had other personality issues that posed big challenges to effectively executing many aspects of my business. These had direct implications for my income, my overall success, my retirement, and my options. Fortunately, my burning desire to express and manifest the fullness of my potential inspired me to tackle those issues (with the help of some excellent professionals: coaches, teachers, trainers, etc.) and persevere although I wanted to throw in the towel on numerous occasions. At this point, I've made substantial progress with those issues and I have experiences of ease more and more often. I am relaxed when I'm working. I'm seldom tense at the end of a workday. There's now tremendous purpose, grace and flow to the growth and development of my business. Stress, relaxation, tension, flow, purpose and grace are great benchmarks by which to gauge one. Clients often begin their work with me wanting more of these characteristics in addition to wanting to improve their relationship with money and discover their life purpose.

Money Mastery addresses both the identifications and the personality issues (in addition to many other things including stress, relaxation, tension, flow, and grace) and provides a highly accelerated path to more ease, more fulfillment, more fun, more abundance, and more flow and a highly accelerated path to the life YOU are meant to lead.

If you want to live your best life, a coach can help you to achieve it. You have just this one precious life. How will you maximize it?

Author's Bio: 

Kamila Harkavy is certified as a Money Coach, and as a Results Coach. She is also an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Ericksonian Hynotherpist, and an Advanced Theta Practitioner with additional Theta training in Manifesting and Abundance.
Her business is Money Mastery: Master your Inner Game of money; It’s the key to living the life you are meant to lead. She works with spirit-minded entrepreneurs who are doing well, but underearn relative to their merits and their potential, overspend, undersave, or are unfulfilled in their work or their lives. She works with them to earn what they’re worth doing work they love that fulfills their purpose.
She weaves quantum tools for accelerated change and Results Technologies into her coaching work. The work is very graceful yet quite powerful and effective. A highly motivated person can transform their beliefs; create new habits and big shifts in their life quite quickly. The NLP, Theta, and Hypnotherapy facilitate the rapid creation of new neural pathways for new beliefs and behaviors. When you are really open to the truth, when you have addressed incongruencies and obstacles, and you have clarity and focus, you can be, do, have, express, and fulfill whatever you want. Absolutely.
Money Mastery addresses:
• Personality Issues
• Emotional Issues
• Spiritual Issues
• Additionally, we address other things including limiting beliefs, cellular memory, stress, relaxation, tension, flow, and grace.
Money Mastery provides a highly accelerated path to more ease, more fulfillment, more fun, more abundance, and more flow and a highly accelerated path to the life YOU are meant to lead. See testimonials to success at

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