Sometimes I’m asked why people should pay for a Spiritual Technology such as Diamond Alignment. I love this question, because it gives me an opportunity to address a larger issue – which is money and Spirituality and money in general … the split in Collective Consciousness I have witnessed between Spiritual Wealth and material wealth. From my perspective, the idea that Spiritual things should be free, while physical things are paid for, exemplifies this split, strengthens the illusion of separation, and discounts the value of the Spiritual realm in our physical world.

Two-Way Flow and the Illusion of Separation

Currency (money) is the energy in our physical world that is used as the means of exchange. Our world works through the 2-way flow of energy. We give and we receive. This is a Universal Law: As we give energy we receive, and as we receive energy we give.

While the rest of the world is operating in a 2-way flow of money, as the means of exchange, when we say we do not want to pay for Spiritual things, we are saying by our actions that Spiritual things are not as valuable in this material world as material things. We are holding “Spiritual things” as separate from the physical world. We are also holding money as separate from the Spiritual world….as if it is evil, as opposed to acknowledging money as Divine Energy (that is at the core of all that exists). We are in separation.

Money, as Divine Energy, cannot be evil. It is how we use this energy that makes the difference. Money is a power on this physical plane that, when used wisely, can give us the time and freedom to raise our Consciousness, develop our gifts and talents, and create what we are here to create… in order to serve the forward progression of our world ... spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Until we get intimate with money, take responsibility for this energy and consciously use this power wisely, we have no one to blame when money is used unwisely by people who may not be as conscious.

Coming into a Two-Way Flow with Diamond Alignment

Divine Energy is within all of us, yet our fast-paced, demanding world often prevents us from finding the time to consciously Connect and Align with this Inner Wisdom and Power. Diamond Alignment offers an unprecedented service that answers this great need ... in just 6 minutes. The multi-sensory Diamond Alignment Experience, delivered via the Internet, is a Divine Energy Transmission and Diamond Energy Activation, available 24 hours a day, with no effort, special training or background required.

In the Diamond perspective, paying for this Sacred Technology is seen as a ceremony and preparation to receive the Spiritual Energy Alignment we are asking for ... a tangible YES that opens us to receive the Transmission and gives permission for the Diamond Energy to flow into our life. When we say “Yes”, we engage with the energy physically, and we receive physical tangible results ... a two-way flow energy exchange.

The Diamond Alignment Technology ... What you are Paying For

It has become a natural part of modern life to value and pay (on a monthly basis) for technologies that enhance our lives in an accelerated and convenient way. Diamond Alignment is no exception. It is a cutting-edge technology with a uniquely conceived delivery system for transmitting concentrated high-frequency Spiritual Energy to us wherever we are. As a Sacred Energy Business, everything, from the site itself to all of the Diamond offerings (products and services), has been meticulously designed to deliver an extremely powerful, high-vibration Energy Transmission and Activation… to help us activate vibrational Alignment with our Diamond Consciousness and Soul's purpose... in just 6 minutes.

Diamond Alignment is a high-tech answer for our high-tech world. When you pay for Diamond Alignment, you are receiving FAST, Powerful and convenient access to your Higher Consciousness, but you are not actually paying for Divine Energy. Just like you are not actually paying for the Internet – you are paying for access to it, with Diamond Alignment, you are paying for access to a highly-developed Spiritual Technology, based on my years of research and experimentation, using it in my life and the lives of thousands of others. I have dedicated all my financial wealth to bringing this Sacred Technology... information and energy downloaded to me from the Higher Planes... into a physical form that enables me to serve others across the world with energetic support … without them having to travel to sit with me to receive a direct Transmission.

Holding the Integrity of my Diamond Vision for Humanity

For over 22 years, I have been absolutely dedicated to my Vision of accelerating a “critical mass shift” in Consciousness, individually and collectively. I invested everything I had financially, emotionally, mentally and physically to receive the Spiritual Alignment I was looking for, and once I got it, I have invested even more to deliver it to others. I have been put through the fire on every level to bring Diamond Alignment out globally. It has taken unswerving focus as I moved forward through the initiations and hurdles and obstacles put up against me to deliver this Sacred Tool to the world.

By marrying the Diamond Technology and the worldwide web technology, I am now able to help others keep their Energy field clear, release their limiting patterns and raise their frequency across the globe, so that they can continually take the next step in their Soul's evolution, in an accelerated and graceful way.

This unprecedented service has cost a fortune to bring to you monthly and has been completely financed by me so that I could follow the sole direction of my Higher Diamond Consciousness and deliver a revolutionary service, sourced entirely by the Diamond Energy. There are no outside investors and no ads, so that when you come to the site you enter an exquisite oasis … a very high energy field with only crystalline Diamond Energy.

Embodying the Diamond Energy - My most Important Value

What we spend our energy (money is energy) on directly demonstrates what we value.

We all are willing to pay for things we value. I have always paid royally and gratefully for the amazing leaders, teachers and healers who have supported me in my Soul's Divine journey ... from Chiropractors, to healers, to energy workers, to inspirational speakers, to authors, to Yoga teachers, etc. I have been richly blessed to receive the benefit of their having developed their gifts and talents to be able to help me. I wouldn't be who I am today without their "energetic hand up". I have paid them all not only with money...but with great respect, gratitude and honor of their Being in my heart.

After my Spiritual Awakening in 1987, I have “anted up” everything to embody the Diamond Energy. This energy is the Cosmic Energy of Love. There is nothing else more valuable to me. I am an "Unequivocal YES" to this Energy. In my experience, there is nothing more important to spend my money on than to continually awaken Spiritually, keep my vibration high and my energy field clear….consciously embodying high-frequency Divine Energy. For me, this is how I am healing the illusion of “separation” in me … acknowledging my Spiritual (nonphysical) and material (physical) Being as ONE. From this Oneness everything else in my life works! Expenses for doctor bills, therapy and distractions are dramatically reduced. Magic and miracles occur in my life daily.

Carrying the Vibration of the Spiritual and Material as One

In bringing forth the Sacred Technology of Diamond Alignment, I feel more like Steve Jobs, or any other inventor than the Spiritual guru, Amma … though I deeply honor her service. Their Divine Blueprint included working with Universal Energy and Information, paying the price in the physical world and bringing it in for you and me to use. My Divine Diamond Blueprint has also included working with Universal Energy and Information, dedicating my life and resources, paying the price in the physical world and bringing a Sacred Technology into our physical world for others to use…to evolve the Soul…and our Planet. Many leaders and teachers are raising Consciousness through books, movies, seminars, healing modalities, home study courses, CDs, DVDs and more, which are all gladly paid for in a two-way flow of exchange to receive the benefit.

I was called to deliver a direct Energy Transmission, supported by a worldwide Energy infrastructure, meticulously developed over 17 years, to powerfully align individuals, institutions and communities with the Divine Power, or Diamond Self Within, and the Universal power of Heaven and Earth. I have done this as closely as I could to the way I received it directly from the Divine. My Spiritual Path and Service included creating what I call Sacred Business ... Business that is used to raise consciousness and end the separation between Spiritual and material wealth.

In the Diamond perspective, all life is energy and as it comes through each one of us, it activates and fuels our Divine Blueprint … birthing the Divine Vision that is meant to come through us ... into form. What I came into this world with … my true core of Knowing is that there is no split between the Spiritual and the material. There is Oneness. I carry this vibration and this is what I can offer.

I believe that we will have balance and harmony, and the right use of money, when we, who are here to raise consciousness, are willing to join up with the Divine Power Within, take responsibility, create what we’re here to create and do what we’re here to do … merge the Spiritual and material planes, end separation and uplift the human experience. I offer you Diamond Alignment as a very powerful tool to help us step into the power of this responsibility and freedom. Entering into a two-way flow energy exchange with the Diamond Energy will heal the split and produce significant and lasting changes in your life.

Diamond Energy Activation Heals the Split

Diamond Alignment World Activation Celebration: A Calling: please join us in healing the split in Consciousness between Spiritual wealth and material wealth in our world on this, the last day of Diamond Alignment World Activation (January 11, 2010), by accepting our offer of FREE Unlimited Access to the 6-minute online Diamond Alignment Experience, 24 hours a day.

Author's Bio: 

Jacqueline Joy, creator and founder of Diamond Alignment, is passionately committed to her vision of accelerating a 'critical mass' shift in Consciousness through the global delivery of Diamond Alignment, A Sacred Technology, offering Diamond Energy Activations online. A spiritual warrior with a solid anchoring in the business world, Jacqueline Joy uses a new paradigm she calls Sacred Business to deliver the revolutionary online phenomenon of Diamond Alignment to individuals worldwide, in order to bring forth a world where pain, sorrow and suffering are transmuted into Freedom, Joy and Equanimity and all beings are living in the Diamond Consciousness of their Highest Diamond Potential and Purpose.

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