What assumptions are you holding on to that could be holding you back?

We all have assumptions. The problem is having assumptions that you are not aware of.

Assumptions are similar to beliefs. They are much like a pair of glasses through which you look at the world. You see the world, the people in it, yourself and yes, even money and potential clients through the assumptions that you have.

The lens of assumptions does not improve your vision. More often than not they are like blinders to the potential and opportunity that may be right in front of you.

If you want to live a great life and do the great work that you are here to do, it’s most important to be aware of your assumptions and then open up your mind to other possibilities.

First Glimpse of Oscar

Yesterday I took a second bike ride through my neighborhood. As I was crossing an intersection, I was struck by a dog on the diagonal corner. This dog looked like a pit bull on steroids and had one of the largest head compared to body size that I’ve ever seen.

I happen to love pit bulls, but they do have a reputation that scares some people away. On first glance my own first impulse was to keep biking in hopes of not being seen. But I looked closer.

The dog was with a woman, and a man who looked very much like a human version of himself - not that tall but built like a wall that you wouldn’t want to run into. You know how most people have dogs that look like them?!

I think the man must have sensed that I was watching. He turned and looked at me with a smile that would have made anyone’s day. I thought to myself, “I bet that is a sweet dog.” I kept biking.

Meeting Oscar

A few minutes later I turned a corner and there the three of them were. I had to stop. I commented on the size of the dog’s head and about the reputation of pit bulls in Boston where I recently lived. They are required to be photographed with their owners, and are given a number in order to get licensed.

The man, Tom, introduced himself and Oscar, the pit bull, to me. I learned that Oscar is like a gentle giant. He doesn’t even bark. The rest of their family includes several Chihuahuas. Oscar always waits to eat his meals until the little dogs have had theirs.

I got off my bike and kneeled down to meet Oscar face-to-face. He grunted his delight as I scratched his ears.

Oscar had a big red looking scar down one side of his face. It looked as if it could have been a battle wound. Most people would have assumed that on a pit bull. Not Oscar. Tom told me Oscar had never been in a fight. The red scar was from a skin condition.

Don’t Make Assumptions

You or anyone could have made up a big story about Oscar based on assumptions. And missed meeting such a sweet spirit whose life is a big message, “Don’t make assumptions.”

One big assumption a lot of women in business make is about whether or not a potential client can afford to or will want to pay them or not.

When you make the assumption that they can’t or won’t want to, you miss out on many opportunities to do your great work in the world, and the potential clients never get the benefit of your services.

Where in your personal life, your business or your money are you making assumptions that are holding you back?

Remember Oscar every time you notice yourself pre-judging anyone or anything. Let Oscar be your reminder to Step Into Your Greatness and expand your world of possibilities! You will probably change a few other lives in the process!

Step Into Your Greatness!
Let go of assumptions!

Author's Bio: 

Reggie Odom LICSW, CPCC, PCC is the founder of Inspired Works a Life Coach, inspirational speaker, and lecturer at Simmons College School of Social Work. She is considered a master teacher and unforgettable speaker. Reggie coaches professionals and practice-based entrepreneurs who want more joy and greater aliveness. http://www.reggieodom.com