Christmas and the end of the year are perfect reasons for making a wish list. We look back at the past year and often realise what we still miss in our lives. We think of a better future and how fortunate others are. We might even dream of more money, a better job, less weight, a different house, or eventually a partner who understands and loves us the way we are.

This all is a great fantasy. We dream and we fall truly into it. We spend the money, sign the new contract for our dream job, wearing designer clothes that fit although two sizes smaller, and our dream partner welcomes us in a paradise of a home. How beautiful, isn’t it?

But while we walk through our dreams, something interrupts. A voice keeps telling us, no that’s not for you. You can’t wear these designer clothes. A partner like this is an illusion. All you are dreaming of exists only in Hollywood and not even there.

We start reasoning why having money isn’t actually that good or that we don’t want to be as posh as we believe the wealthy people are. Also we reason that happy people are mostly the poor people anyway, and so on and on. Slowly our dream diminish to a little fragment of its origin abundance.

Do you want to know how to keep hold of your dream paradise? Are you interested in how you can invite abundance into your life and make your wishes come true?

Here are the top 7 secrets of creating the reality of what we are dreaming of:

1. Dream! To create a dream life you have to imagine it first. Make sure you dream as massive as you can. There is no limitation in dreaming, there are no boundaries neither, and there are no people who would judge you for your dreams! Only when you dream the dreams will have chance to come true!

2. Feel your dreams! Make sure you notice your good feelings about the abundance in your dreams. Take a tour of your new life. What are you going to do with all that money, the best job ever, and the people in your dream? How does it feel to be surrounded by endless beauty and resources? What do you do to have fun? How do you like yourself and how does it feel to see yourself in one of the mirrors in your dream home. Dive into these feelings, bath in them, and imagine it is your reality and your current present is just a glimpse back into the past. Great feelings from our future might pull us forward exactly as the bad feelings from the past hold us back. When you know how great you feel in your dreams your body wants to create these feelings too and your dreams will come true!

3. Believe in your dreams! Argue with that little voice inside yourself. How does it know that having money isn’t good? How does it know that you can’t have it? Challenge that voice until there is nothing left to argue. This voice is part of your subconscious mind and tells you what you have learnt over theyears. This learning might have been true for some occasions, but might not be true at all for all events occurring in future. Having faith in your dreams certainly helps to make them true!

4. Have trust in your dreams! When you trust that your dreams will come true one day, they will. Looking back on your life, can you think of something you dreamt as a child and later in life you actually had this dream come true? Often we are not aware of this, but when we stop for a second in our busy life we might find a connection between our reality and a dream, a vision, or something we believed earlier in life. Trust that life’s journey will bring you to the realisation of your dreams by simply keeping hold of them.

5. Trust your self and your feelings! Take opportunities when you they arise. You only can realise your dreams when you take the necessary steps towards them. As long as an opportunity presented to you feels right to you, you can only win, no matter what other people think! When you follow your own intuition and take the chances you soon will be moving toward your dreams!

6. Value yourself! Count the good things, people, and achievements in your life rather than the negative attributes of it! Have a diary where you can make a note of every little success or miracle you have had during one day! Make sure you take care of your health. How you treat your body is how much you value yourself. The more you value yourself the more likely you will feel that you deserve your dreams to come true!

7. Be true to yourself! Your dreams should be in alignment with what is important to you. When your dreams reflect what you are passionate about, what you love, and what you stand for you dream your own dreams and only these will be truly the ones that would make you happy!

With Christmas and the end of 2011, you have a perfect excuse make great changes in your life. But before you decide on new years resolution make sure you dream of what you want in your life and trust that at some point your life will present you exactly with what you have wished for!

by Sandy Seeber – December, 2011
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Author's Bio: 

Sandy Seeber left behind all that she knew, travelled around the world and found the key to happiness. As founder of "CORE and Vision" she has merged her sales management background with her passion for helping others to inspire and encourage others to follow their heart and dreams. Sandy is a qualified Life & Intuitive Coach and with her natural ability to see the true potential in people she supports many on their own journey towards a balanced and a fulfilled life.