Easter is only a week away and with this time of year comes the sense that family belong together and what better way to enjoy your time together than to enjoy a nice glass of the finest wine whilst enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation.

The Easter period also means two extra days off for everyone with the two bank holidays and this is a good enough reason for all the family to get together and enjoy each other's company. The middle to end of April normally brings nice weather and although the weather in the UK is too unpredictable to plan anything major around it, you can prepare for some sunshine by having a plan A and B.

If the weather is great then why not get the barbecue on, get some great tasting wines and enjoy some great food with those closest to you. Like with all meals, you need to plan ahead what you are going to have to drink with the meal and you need to have the right amount of soft drinks available for the non-drinkers. However, for those that like a small drink when the sun is out at Easter, why not have a great range of refreshing wines.

In the summer, white and rose wine are most popular because they are lighter and tend to be fruitier, red wines are heavier and tend to be enjoyed on winter days. However if you do have the barbecue on and have some red meat on then red wine is the best accompaniment. On a fresh spring day you want to please all your guests so make you have a good range of drinks available.

Of course, this is Britain we are talking about so it is certainly advisable to have a plan B if the weather is unkind to us. Easter can be hit and miss with the weather so if you need to move things inside then make sure you are equipped to handle all your guests indoors, this is worth thinking about when you are inviting people round this Easter. One thing is for sure, you are not short of options when it comes to finding the right types of wines as there are a number of wines on the market from wine producers all over the world including South African, New Zealand, United States of America plus a range of other wines.

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With the Easter break comes the perfect opportunity to enjoy some a refreshing South Africa rose wine or maybe a crisp medium white wine.