Author and Speaker Paulet Biedermann delivered a stellar performance at The Cambridge Business and Professional Women’s Club on the Fear of Success.

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By: Sandra Mills
Ontario, Canada: The members and guests of the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Cambridge were treated to an interactive and informative presentation on the topic of Fear of Success by local author and motivational speaker, Paulet Biedermann. The author of the psychology/self help book, “Your Best You,” not only engaged her audience but managed to captivate and retain their attention from the onset of her presentation to the end. She spoke to a group of women about the Fear of Success as it affects women and girls.

“The fear of success is an age old phenomenon that is garnering the overdue attention it warrants, and taking on a new direction,” said Biedermann. Fear of success is a very unique and insidious issue that wreaks havoc on the life of its victims. This is not exclusive to women but affects both males and females; albeit, on average it affects more women than men. One of the main reasons why this topic has not received much attention, is because of its vague and generalized symptoms: These include but are not limited to , fear of failure, such as doubts, low self esteem, procrastination, pessimistic outlook, self sabotage and the feeling that she is unworthy of success. Another very important fact about this phenomenon is that in a lot of cases, the victims start a project with a high degree of passion, drive and commitment, only to find that interest wanes at the sight of success; ultimately sabotaging the project.

Biedermann shared some of the challenges that contribute to the difficulty of detecting and treating Fear of Success, one of which is related to its subtle and insidious nature. Because of this, it’s extremely difficult to detect, diagnosed and treat/ eradicate. The key to overcoming this dream stealer and life stagnating phenomenon is to: detect it, understand it, and utilize certain strategies that will assist you in setting and achieving your personal and professional goals. Dr. Takhar, a medical doctor and the owner of one of the most successful Cosmetic Clinic in the area, corroborated and expanded on Biedermann’s points. She encouraged the audience to take charge of their issues and wellbeing: Emotional, physical, spiritual….educate themselves prior to contacting a professional.

Biedermann wrapped up the presentation by reiterating the significance of getting to know one’s self and one’s needs. “In order to attain any degree of success, you will need to take ownership of your life.” Biedermann stated. The key is to not only identify maladaptive patterns of behaviors, but to intercept and eradicate them. Following which, you substitute with life changing and attainable goals. Finally, success is not an option, but an entitlement. And remember the words of one of our great leaders, Winston Churchill, “Never, Never, Never give up.”

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Sandra Mills has spent several years as entertainment consultant and pulicist. She has worked with some very successful clients and currently working in the capacity as the publicist for Your Best You author, Paulet Biedermann