Words of Sympathy

People often stay away after something terrible has happened to a friend or loved one. They don’t stay away because they don’t care, but because they don’t think they can give any great words of comfort. We all know there are statements that flow from our mouths that should have never left it, words like “it will be okay” or “they are in a better place now” even “ it will get easier”. Yes, those are true, but in the aftermath of a tragedy these words would really be better left unsaid. They do nothing to ease the sting of death.

During times like these, if you can not sit down and talk with the person a simple hug and I’m sorry will do. If you are able to spend more time with them however, you should try and give them a memory you have of their loved one that they can hold on to and replay in their mind. It will give them something wonderful to think about instead of dwelling on the last few days.

At times sitting down and writing out a letter or sympathy poem can help you to deal with the emotions running through your head as well as be a wonderful gift to the surviving party. Sending a small gift of sympathy is always well received as is the cards with meaningful and thoughtful poems and verses meant to sooth the aching heart.

If you can’t be there in person think of sending a sympathy gift basket filled with items that will bring comfort to your loved one and let them know your thinking of them. www.planetgiftbaskets.com carries a thoughtful and respectful line of sympathy gifts that will help your convey your heartfelt condolences.

Simple statements are best when expressing your sympathy. Depending on how well you knew the person who died and how well you know the person who is grieving will dictate just how much you should say at a time like this. If you are very close to the family you will no doubt want to be there for them. Express what your heart is feeling. Grieve with them, share memories, just sit in silence with your arm around them. Be willing to give of your time, lend your ears, and supply a shoulder to cry on. These things will be remembered for a long time.

Author's Bio: 

Susan Kroeker is a author and contributor to Planet Gift Baskets & their sympathy gift resource center. For more grief resources please visit our Sympathy & Grief Resource Center.