We can invite the archangels into our life to help us in many ways, both small and great. There are seven archangels who serve mankind by focusing a particular aspect of God's energy.

Archangel Michael and the Archeai Faith serve on the first ray of God's will, faith and protection. The vibration of that ray is blue. Archangel Michael is the most revered archangel in Christian, Jewish and Islamic traditions. His name means, “who is like God.” Michael is known as the Captain or Prince of the Archangels, the Defender of the Faith and the Archangel of Deliverance. He is the sponsor of law enforcement agencies around the world.

Archangel Michael and his legions work tirelessly to cut free God's children from the harmful entanglements with the astral plane. When his sword of blue flame blazes into any negative manifestation, nothing can stand against it. Archangel Michael stands to defend our faith and to protect us from any untoward condition, including accidents and physical injuries. It is important to call to him each day for protection and to consecrate our prayers to him, so he can use that reservoir of light to help other lightbearers who may be in need of his immediate assistance, but did not make the call.

Archangel Jophiel and the Archeai Christine serve on the second ray of God's wisdom and illumination. The vibration of that ray is yellow. The name Jophiel means “beauty of God” and Christine means one who anchors the Christ consciousness.

Together, these archangels unveil the mysteries of God, expose the dark plots of the fallen ones and teach us how to contact our higher self. We can call to them to increase the flow of the golden light of illumination into the brain, to overcome addictions to tobacco and to release advanced teaching methods for the youth.

Archangel Chamuel and the Archeai Charity serve on the third ray of God's love. The vibration of that ray is pink. The name Chamuel means, “he who seeks God.” Together with Charity, Archangel Chamuel serves to expand the love of God in the hearts of men and elementals, bringing comfort to life. They also wield the sword of the Ruby Ray, which is the fierce and uncompromising love of God that divides the real from the unreal and dispels the forces of tyranny and evil that prey upon God's children.

We can call to Chamuel and Charity to help us develop the qualities of mercy, compassion and loving-kindness for others, as well as to overcome manifestations of darkness in our world. These archangels are sponsors of twin flames, marriages and families. We can invite them into our homes to help us overcome all that opposes the harmony of the family and the sanctity of marriage. Chamuel and Charity encourage us to reinforce our prayers to them with violet flame decrees so they can be permitted to take from our auras and bodies some of the burdens that we carry.

Archangel Gabriel and the Archeai Hope serve on the fourth ray of God's purity, hope and discipline. The vibration of that ray is white. Gabriel is the archangel of the annunciation who appeared to Mother Mary. His name means “herald of good news.” Gabriel comes to announce the birth of Christ within our heart and within the heart of every child aborning in the womb. These archangels prepare us for our ascension in the light and can be called upon to help us overcome all that would oppose that glorious event. They also expose the infamy of the fallen ones, purify our entire consciousness, being and world and bring hope to mankind.

Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary serve on the fifth ray of God's healing, truth, science, precipitation and abundance. The vibration of that ray is green, and Mother Mary also embodies the teal, aqua-blue of the Divine Mother. The name Raphael means “God has healed. Archangel Raphael appears in the Judeo-Christian tradition as the sponsor of healing and the patron of travelers. Mother Mary is known as the Queen of Heaven. Her name stands for “Ma-Ray” or “Mother of God.” Mother Mary is the only member of the seven archangels and their archeia who took incarnation on earth, while Raphael as her twin flame overshadowed her throughout her mission.

Mother Mary and Raphael train practitioners of the healing arts, minister unto hospitals, and help bring forth new forms of healing and alternative healing methods. Their angels are known as master surgeons. These archangels would help us to heal the cause and core of a condition, and to understand the science of karma that determines whether a person will respond to natural cures or to those offered by medical science. They are concerned not only with the healing of body, but also with the healing of the mind, of the emotions, of the soul and of the spirit.

Archangel Raphael released a thoughtform that we can use known as the healing thoughtform to bring forth spiritual healing. To do so, we must intensely visualize a sphere of white fire over the injured organ, or person, as soon as an injury has taken place. This visualization works at inner levels to restore the original perfection of the organ. Next, we visualize a sphere of sapphire blue light surrounding the white sphere that establishes protection and the action of the will of God. Then, we visualize the sphere of blue enfolded in a sphere of brilliant, emerald green that restores the flow of spirit to matter to bring forth perfect wholeness.

Mother Mary and Raphael work with parents and families around the world in nurturing children, and they teach us to hold the immaculate concept for ourselves and for others. What this means is that when we think of someone, and even ourselves, we don't think of the person in a critical way. Instead, we visualize the Christ presence around that person and see them, as well as ourselves, in the original pattern of perfection. This perfect idea becomes a magnet that precipitates the best possible behavior from the person who will seek, albeit unconsciously, to fulfill the thoughtform superimposed upon them.

Mother Mary perfected the science of precipitation and the holding of the immaculate concept in her three lifetimes on earth. In the first life, she served in a healing temple on Atlantis, where she developed great powers of concentration, precipitation and healing. In her second life, she was the wife of Jesse, who bore eight sons, the youngest of which became King David, a previous incarnation of Jesus. Then in her final incarnation, she was chosen to be the mother of Jesus and to hold the immaculate concept for his mission and the mission of his disciples. After Jesus' resurrection, she and a small group of devoted disciples traveled to various parts of Europe to anchor the healing flame and the flame of the Christ consciousness. When Mary passed away and was buried, three days later when the apostles opened her tomb, they only found twelve white lilies where she had ascended.

Mother Mary is the greatest representative of the Mother of the World. She is an advocate for children and youth, and a staunch defender of the right to life in the womb. She has appeared to believers around the world with messages of prophecy that can be overturned through the power of prayer, most notably the violet flame. She also teaches us how to access her spiritual momentum while we raise the Mother light within our own temple by giving her rosary:

Hail Mary, full of grace the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us Sons and Daughters of God,
Now and at the hour of our victory over sin, disease and death.

Archangel Uriel and the Archeai Aurora serve on the sixth ray of God's peace, judgment, ministration and service. The vibration of that ray is purple and gold. The name Uriel means “light or fire of God,” and Aurora is the dawn. Together, they guard the dawn of the Christ consciousness in all mankind and amplify the feeling of peace in every heart. They embody the flame of brotherhood and minister to all life. In defense of peace, these archangels and their legions also go forth to make war against the fallen ones, and teach us how to hold our peace against the forces that oppose our peace. When we call upon them, they will help us to desire harmony and the control of our energies more than the desire to win an argument and be seen right of men.

Uriel and Aurora have expressed their deep concern about the spiritual protection of all young people, and even babies in the womb. We must call to Uriel for the righteous judgment of God on all situations pertaining to the world, as well as in overcoming the angry, selfish ego nature and its hardness of heart. Uriel is also the Archangel of the resurrection. He teaches us how to use the resurrection flame to conquer fear and gain mastery over outer conditions. He explains that when we are confronted with fear, the most effective response is to quiet down, breathe deeply and softly give his mantra three times, “Peace be still.”

Uriel teaches us to overcome our sense of separation from God. When we face difficulties, he counsels us not to condemn ourselves but instead to see ourselves in our great God-self towering over the problem at hand. Then, we consecrate all of the negatives to the violet flame, and start building a new momentum.

Archangel Zadkiel and the Archeai Holy Amethyst serve on the seventh ray of God's forgiveness, transmutation, diplomacy, alchemy, spiritual ritual and freedom. The vibration of that ray is violet and the amethyst is a jewel that crystallizes that ray. The name Zadkiel means “righteousness of God.” In his temple, he prepares Sons and Daughters of God to become priests and priestesses of the Order of Melchizedek, a spiritual order of initiates who are alchemists of the violet flame. The violet flame is a spiritual energy that changes darkness into light and brings the glow of eternal youth.

Zadkiel teaches us to invoke that flame of forgiveness and transmutation for all whom we have ever wronged, and for all who have ever wronged us. He explains that we can call upon the violet flame when we need a miracle, because miracles are sudden transmutation. First, we summon angelic intercession for a very specific direction. Then, we invoke the violet flame to mitigate the effects of personal and mass karma, and we saturate our aura with the violet flame.

Archangel Uzziel is the archangel of the eighth ray of integration, that integrates all of the qualities of the other rays and is associated with the color ruby, an intense and uncompromising love. The name Uzziel means “strength of God.” We can call to Uzziel for his in mastering the energies of the five secret rays that flow through our spleen, our hands and our feet. Doing so brings tremendous spiritual acceleration and self-mastery.

Uzziel would also teach us how to expand the fires of the heart chakra so that we can sustain the eighth ray and the intensity of ascension's fires that come with it. He counsels us to turn off the discordant noise and jagged rhythms that come through movies and popular music because they bombard the physical senses and are harmful to the heart. He also asks us to meditate on the secret chamber of the heart so that we might clear a pathway whereby his presence can be anchored within us.

There are also archangels of the Five Secret Rays. The names of these archangels and their divine complements have not been revealed. These archangels anchor the secret rays of God, that have a profound inner action within our beings and throughout the world of form. We can call upon them to help us accelerate the secret rays

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Therese Emmanuel Grey is spiritual and relationship mentor who teaches the inner family archetypes to help heal individuals and families. She has co-authored two landmark books, Why We Do What We Do and The Psychology of Success. Her autobiography, Miracles, Masters and Mirth: Adventures in Spirituality and Self-Awareness, provides extraordinary insights on the purpose of life and can be found at www.miraclesandmasters.com Therese nurtures a fast-growing online community of spiritual seekers and holistic minded individuals at www.lightworldwide.net. She also hosts several radio programs, including daily violet flame mantras and meditations at www.violetflamemiracles.com. Therese teaches weekly classes, webinars and facilitator training courses from her home in Montana, including the well-loved Radiant Sherpa Retreat. She also offers private sessions, where she shares highly effective insights and rituals to help you connect to your angels and sponsoring master. Find out more at www.ascendedmasterindex.com