Education plays a central role in the progress of individuals and nations. It is education and learning which creates a difference between human beings and animals. Without education human beings are incomplete and they are unable to compete the current and complex challenges of modern times. Moreover, for personality development, education is also necessary. It also which create and strengthen bond between the Creator and man. Islam has placed a great importance on acquisition of education. Various traditions and sayings of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) are available which promotes and endorses importance and accomplishment of education. Awareness is very needed for prosperity of nations. People can understand their political and social rights and obligation through public awareness and mindfulness.

Islamic ideology strongly mentions acquisition of education in all fields of life. Muslims are ordered to get education in all aspects of human life. Basically there are two type of education which are equally essential for an individual. Many scientists and intellects have recommended that religious education or training coupled with technical and worldly knowledge must be availed. If a person wants to be successful in both worlds and wants lead to a blessed and happy life, he must focus on balanced and contemporary education. Both play an important role in the development. Islam always enjoins its followers that they must lead a prosperous and pious life. Thus, they must have a full command on worldly knowledge and education in order to compete and meet the demands of world. Likewise, they must have to avail religious and spiritual education in order to develop their character and follow the injunctions of Allah Almighty. Religious training is very compulsory as it teaches us about our basic purpose and aim of life. We can understand orders and commands of Allah Almighty through religious learning. Even it also plays an important role in nourishment of moral values. If a person wants to be friend of Allah Almighty and wish to get His boundless blessings, he must get religious and spiritual education and training. Thus, holy prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said that acquisition of education or knowledge is obligatory for all Muslims, male and female.

Today we are surrounded by several and complex issues. Corruption, terrorism, extremism, unemployment, illiteracy and even more at its peak. Along with aforementioned problems, we are also facing problem of lack of identity. Most of us, are unaware about their basic purpose of life and why they are sent down on earth. Owing to modern trends and globalization, we are battling for our real aim. We are in dilemmas and are unable to understand or discover our true cum natural values. In this scenario, it is only spiritual education or awareness which can solve this issue. Spiritualty is directly linked with our spirit and heart so it enlightens our mind with divine conscious. We come to know about our reason of existence. We would come across commands of Allah Almighty. Through this education, we can also get rid of mental issues like frustration, anxiety, depression disappointment and so on. Thus, there is dire need to decorate ourselves with wisdoms of both spiritual and worldly education.

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