12:15 am. He knows he is supposed to be home by midnight. Where is he?

What if he has been in an accident? Images of bloody moaning teenagers flash through my mind. What if he is trapped in his Jeep and can’t get out? Visions of the Jeep hanging upside down over a guard rail- the driver side door smashed into the passenger seat.

I bet he has been drinking. I know some of his friends are experimenting with alcohol and drugs. The Today Show was just talking about the teenage drinking epidemic.
I could call his cell but that shows lack of trust. I need to give it a few more minutes. I trust him, yet… more graphic images dance in my head.

Feeling desperation, concern, and fear I suddenly realize I have no confirmation of any of these stories I am making up in my head. Realistically, he has been late before usually because he is taking home a friend. He respects our guidelines and is home no more than 20-25 minutes late.

Still my heart yearns to hear the sound of the Jeep pulling in the driveway. There is something I can do about this that will not break our trust and will help me relax.

Turn it over and let it go. The logical side of my mind focuses on his past behavior. Most evidence states he will be home soon. My spiritual side tells me to let it go. But, in order to do that, I need to turn my fears over to something higher than myself.

Some call this source God, Angels, or Guides. It does not matter. Pray, imagine or think about how the person you are worried about is guided, protected and safe. Allow yourself to feel the same. Guided, protected and safe. Create images in your mind about what this looks like for you.

I imagine his Jeep surrounded by angels directing him towards home and that his guides are helping him to make wise decisions about his actions and that God has him securely in his arms. Surrendering the fictional graphic stories to positive intentions I fall into a deep restful sleep.

The next morning, a note in the kitchen from our son reads, “Got home at 12:20 am. Sorry I was late. Jim needed a ride home and he had too much to drink to drive. Love You.”

Consider writing your stories down- you may just have a New York Times Best Seller on your hands. You are a fantastic fictional storyteller when it comes to fear. Surrender your stories over to something more powerful than yourself. Feel the comfort that comes from surrender.

Vickie Griffith

Author's Bio: 

Vickie is nationally respected as the Tap Instructor, assisting you to tap into the power within to realize your brilliance in your life, business and health. She is a speaker, Certified Hypnotist, EFT Expert. She creates a contagious energy as she speaks, coaches, and conducts workshops.