Our tax season will be upon us very soon. The IRS says it will be ready for the onslaught of returns beginning January 20, 2015. Many people look forward to getting their W-2. They proceed to file their taxes and claim their long awaited refund. I do not get excited by receiving such documents. I usually have to pay a small amount to the IRS each year. I look to break even with the IRS. I do not like giving the IRS extra funds throughout the year just so I can get a refund back from them. I am selfish this way. I file my return with as much excitement as dusting my furniture, or cleaning out my garage. It is another one of my many tasks that wait for my attention.

We all must file our individual and business returns. This is our obligation for working in the US. If you are organized and prepared, you are a good client for any tax CPA. Your tax CPA will take your financial information and load it a software program which will churn out a return. It is important to save your receipts and have notes about all your financial and personal transactions throughout the year. This will allow your tax CPA a fair chance to get you the best refund possible.

Let’s face it. The tax code is challenging, hard to understand, comprehend, and not an easy read. I see no one looking at the tax code on their Kindle. Rather than feel overwhelmed with this annual ritual, deal with it head on. Hire someone to help get you ready for tax return. My services are affordable, confidential, and I work around your schedule. With your permission, I contact your tax CPA, and get your requirements for your return. Don’t get caught scrambling for your financial information, call me instead.

• Analysis
• Budgets/Forecast
• Cash controls
• Contract administration
• Financial statements
• General bookkeeping
• Negotiate contracts
• Payroll/Benefits Administration/W2s
• Reconciliations
• Tax prep
• 1099’s

Targeted Industries
• Architect/Engineering
• Consulting (any professional level company)
• Dentists
• Home repair businesses
Insurance companies (life, health, financial planning, etc)
• Landscapers
• Legal
• Pet services (sitting, washing, etc)
• Professional Spa (massage, body wraps, weight loss, etc)
Tutoring companies
Wedding/event planners

Author's Bio: 

Denise Black is a CPA who specializes in helping small businesses. For more information visit www.adroitfinancialsolutions.com. Sally Marks is a PR specialist.