"You are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with." - Jim Rohn

Ever find yourself sitting at a table with a group of friends having a chat about how you’d love to be rich, or just have enough money to pay the bills? Most often the rest of the people at the table are in the same situation. Your group here are really like a council. A council made up of people who all have the same outlook on life. If it is one of constant struggle then the group will subconsci
ously vote on all matters with the conclusion that everything will be too hard over come so why bother?

Now one person in that group might have heard something that actually contradicted this notion. But unless they have a strong voice backed up with facts and figures, the rest of the group will be sure to put that person back in their box. Why, how dare they upset the happiness of the group by suggesting that they could be doing something much more constructive than complaining about their woes? Do they not know of the value people gain from being able to complain about the things in their life that they know they cannot do anything about? Why this is what makes it ok to blame someone else for every problem they find themselves in.

This could be a cycle that has developed from a young age. When I was a child I was taken on visit to the same selection of relatives every week with my Mother or Grandmother on our way back from doing a bit of shopping in the city centre. Listening to the learnt responses to the problems discussed can kind of sink into a young mind after a while.

So let’s say that you want to break the cycle here? Let’s list some things out so that we can follow them easier. (Yes I know I’m list mad )
Do a review of your life. Actually stop one day and give it over to you looking at all your loans and bills etc. Then look at what money you are getting. The difference is what you have to work towards.
If you want to learn something like another language or how to drive a car you will go to talk to people you have faith in who can show you how. So when we are looking to make more money or gain a better position for ourselves why do we only talk to the other people around us who also don’t have money? This is the human condition of affirmation. If the people I base the success of my life on are backing me then I am doing right. No! This is not always the case, especially when those people do not have the belief in themselves as you do. Listen to the little voice in your head. That guy always gets it right!
Change the people you sit down and talk with. This can be a hard thing to do, but if you really want to thrive then sometimes you will have to move on and find a new setting which will allow you to do so. If people are really your friends then they will still be there. If they are family then you might be better off giving each other space and getting together only every so often. You were put on this planet to thrive not just exist. Humans can live both in a pack and alone. I am coming to think that hunter gatherer is the setting we need to be in to actually rise above the rest. The agricultural type society seems to only create a model of reliance on someone else rather than a need to feed yourself. But that’s another idea I’m working on ;-)

So cut your mother’s apron strings shake loose the chains of your current reality and walk head first into the unknown! Surround yourself with the type of people who have the same aspirations as you. Connect with millionaires and billionaires! How? Send a letter or email to them. They are not Gods? They are real people who can be contacted in some way. If you hear of something that your heroes have done that really impresses you, then send them that message genuinely expressing your delight in their work.

You never know what will happen?
Do Chara,
Paul Oliver O'Leary

Author's Bio: 

Paul Oliver O'Leary has ridden the rodeo of life and survived. After having had his own business at 21, he ended up running along with the rest of the herd. Working in 3 jobs trying to support his family. Now on his third business things have clicked for him. Also he is the author of the ebook "How To Fill Your Friends List On Facebook" which is available on Amazon.com . He is available for one to one or group sessions either in person, skype or facebook.