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Hi, Friends!

You are fat, unhappy with your body and you need to lose weight — now.

You read 10k weight-loss posts online and you’re still fat.

What can you do?

In this post, discover why you are not losing fat and how to fix that. Because every girl deserves to have a healthy, fit, and trim body.

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TL:DR A quick post glance:

❤Stop Dieting to lose fat
❤Portion Control Your Food
❤Strength Train

Sound interesting? Okay, ladies. Let’s start!

1. Stop Dieting to Lose Fat

For starters, you cannot naturally lose adipose tissue (AKA fat cells) you can only shrink them. To shrink (AKA lose fat) them, you need to stop dieting. Dieting is unnatural, unsustainable to many, and can make you fatter.

Instead of dieting, focus on creating effortless pleasant habits. Such as drinking water instead of sugar-filled drinks. Or keeping junk food out of your house by replacing them with organic fruits and veggies. Or adding intermittent fasting periods to your week. These painless pleasant habits will help you shrink fat cells.

2. Portion Control Your Food

If you don't portion control your food you will stay fat. Your body only needs enough food to sustain life. When you eat more than your body needs it stores the extra food as fat. To lose fat, try portion controlling your food.

There are many effortless ways to portion your food. Food scales are perfect to make sure you control your portions. Food analysis food scales can be an excellent choice to assure you’re portioning out your food correctly (Portion Control: Why is it so important?, 2020).

Meal prepping can help you in controlling portions. Having pre-portioned meals shows you how much you should serve yourself at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks (Portion Control: Why is it so important?, 2020).

3. Strength Train

If you are sedentary and never incorporate strength training into your life, you will stay fat — guaranteed.

To lose fat, you must build muscle. Doing cardio alone will not help you build muscle. You need a combo of cardio and strength training to build muscle and shrink fat cells.

By committing to at least of eight weeks of the right exercises, in the right order, consistently, you’ll be mesmerized at what you can achieve and maintain. Strength training is the key to weight loss because it is the only way to keep and build lean muscle, which boosts your metabolism (DiCenso and DiCenso, 2020).

High metabolism equals a body that is a fat burning superstar. Extra? I know.

Quick Recap:

❤ Create healthy eating habits

❤ Portion control your food (AKA Eat Less)

❤ Elevate your basal metabolic rate by strength training

*Major Takeaways*

You now know why you are not losing fat and how to fix that.

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