A lot of people grew up being told who they were supposed to be by the adults around them (family, teachers, coaches or mentors). When these people told you this information YOU were obedient and YOU wanted to please them and above all YOU trusted them. You took their word and you over road your instincts and intuition and obeyed them. This information you were given are what I call MYTHS. They told you these stories for several different reasons; it may have been from their experience or maybe someone else passed it down to them. But the core feeling of these stories is FEAR and with the fear also comes control. So you made a choice or choices to follow their advice or MYTHS that were told to you. And then one day you wake up and say, “Why isn’t this area of my life NOT working”. And you can’t understand why. It’s no different then trying to make the round peg try to fit in the square hole. Your awakening might feel like you’ve been walking into a brick wall several times (probably years) and finally realizing “When I do that, I get a headache”. Your instincts and intuitions are always right on the money because they are happening “in” side of you. It’s your experience and no one else’s. It’s your job not to ignore them. Remember; do not let others define you! You have only one life, it’s time to break free from what others think and honor yourself, DEFINE YOURSELF.

Make the bold decision to bust through ad break from the MYTHS that have been causing barriers in your life to have the life your really want today

Author's Bio: 

Jodi Michele Cooley is an International Speaker, Coach and Workshop Facilitator. Her friends and colleagues call her "The Myth Slayer and the Truth Sayer". She works with people on breaking through the barriers and cracking the codes that are holding you back from every area of your life.