Commonly people think that their life purpose means ‘something they are here to do.’ This is often a very nebulous and frustrating proposition for people because they don’t ‘know where to find their purpose’ or ‘how to know they’ve their life purpose.’ What happens if you have a life purpose that is bigger than you are and dimensional in nature?

Definition of What a ‘Life Purpose’ Is

Let’s start with a quick definition of some of the qualities of a ‘life purpose.’ Followed by its dimensional nature so that you can begin to know where and what to look for in your life purpose. Your life purpose is both practical, in that it requires you do something using the best of who you are, and spiritual, because it is something that every part of your being participates in accomplishing and it has a divine and inspired quality to it, no matter what your purpose is.

Think of all the people you know who are ‘on a mission.’ There is an exalted sense and an honoring that you feel about fulfilling whatever your purpose actually is. It is always something positive that supports and honors life.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines ‘purpose’ as an ‘aim, intention or to put forth.’ Therefore, a quick understanding of your life purpose could be what are your putting your energy into – or what is the aim or intention of all of the external efforts that you are doing trying to accomplish?

This could be anything from being a ‘good mother’ and your life purpose being to help your children become self sufficient, independent, conscious human beings by nurturing their interests, not what you or society think they should do. It could be an artist who dedicates his life to making beautiful creations out of trash whose life purpose is to help people get conscious of their waste and other creative ways to reuse it rather than just unconsciously discarding things.

Spiritually, your life purpose could be to fulfill some karmic debt or to do something that the divine has guided or commanded you to do as in Moses leading his people. Each person’s purpose is valuable and contributes something to life and the well being of the planet, no matter how small or large it helps to fulfill that mission.

The Criteria to Know It’s Your Life Purpose

Deepak Chopra in his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, offers three practical criteria to know that you have found your life purpose :

1. It’s a unique gift or talent that we have in this life
2. We know how to use those talents in some type of service
3. It must in some way benefit humanity and the planet

Each individual’s life purpose will fulfill these three criteria when it truly is their life purpose. You can use the examples in the previous paragraph to intellectually understand how each of their actions is the fulfillment of their purpose and it meets these three criteria.

People have a purpose to fulfill even if they don’t know the long term impact or outcome from their actions. They are strictly motivated by the desire to fulfill their life purpose using these three universal criteria.

Emotionally, people feel a sense of relief knowing they have a focus and direction from within that guides their lives. It will helps people to know what decision to make and what path to follow. There is a warmth in your heart when you can live purposefully and you know it!

Spiritual and Multi-Dimensional Qualities of Your Life Purpose

The spiritual component of your life purpose, is a sense of vision or guidance that you are following – ‘being led’ – just knowing from deep within what you need to do - given a vision or mission to fulfill. In my own life, I was told to write a screenplay about my life because as Great Spirit told me, “Humanity is suffering, and it needs to see what a life of spirit and possibility look like.”

Each person has a spiritual and practical aspect to their life purpose just like I articulated about one of the visions I was given as an expression as my movie script. But a life purpose is bigger than an action – it is an orientation that I feel can be expressed or understood from three dimensions. I refer to these and their qualities as:

•‘3D’ – the tangible physical reality, the things we do with our life force energy - our actions and beingness. This includes all of our skills, gifts and talents that each of us combines in unique ways to express our life purpose – consciously or not, no matter what we’re doing.

•‘4D’ – the unseen, intuitive, divine and karma aspects of our purpose, which is where most of us try to find our life purpose, through the many personal growth and spiritual development approaches available from every major new thought leader from Pastor Rick Warren to the Native American ideas or Hindi reincarnation and karmic cycles. Look at your purpose by asking for guidance and see what direction ‘you are led.’

•‘5D’ is much larger and not so talked about, yet it is the energy of the ‘new age’ coming in which is a conscious frequency, a vibration that we can embody that directly impacts everything that it comes in contact with. It encompasses the 3D and 4D purposes but is fused with the energy of one’s Being as an energy field – like that of a guru. Simply, feel the energy and notice how your energy is moving – that’s your Being’s purpose or expression in the moment.

We as a species now have the opportunity to experience all these levels of purpose, from 3D doing to 5D being and transcendence while still being a human living in this world. The first people’s had this level of connection with the cosmos and their physical places, yet as we enter this new age, we are asked to consider our life purpose consciously from each of these levels in a new way – as a multi-dimensional being.

It’s time for each person to be empowered and have clarity about their purpose so that they can have a fulfilling life, doing something meaningful that makes a difference to the quality of life on our amazing Mother Earth. What is your life purpose? Can you see how your life purpose has a multi-dimensional quality to it? If not, it’s time to explore and open up to the dimensional nature of your Being and its magnificent life purpose!

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Suzanne Strisower is a Spiritual Life Coach, Author and Radio Show Host whose life purpose is to empower people to move forward towards their dreams and the fulfillment of their life purpose. If you want to learn more about my personal growth and spiritual development teleseminars and coaching visit my website I have many free resources available there to help guide you on your path including: a Free e-course called ‘5 Simple Steps to Find Your Life Purpose,’ and MP3 show segments from my ‘Living Well Talk Radio’ show talking about conscious living tools that benefit people and the planet. If you feel that this article has been helpful and you’d like to explore it further to get some help in actually implementing it in your life, I offer potential clients a complimentary 30 minute coaching session. Contact me at to schedule your free Life Purpose coaching session today.