Overtrading means going out of scalping strategies to either trade too frequently or trading with
many volumes with the hope of realizing your financial goals. Well, the sad truth is that when it
comes to Forex, you don't force opportunities that aren't there because it can end in tears. It can
be detrimental because, unlike gambling or lottery, this is business that involves real investment.
For you to make the best of any investment, you have to wait until a clear opportunity shows,
even if it means waiting for a day or two. It would be best if you didn't abuse high leverage
because, in the real sense, it is like calling for losses.
 Accept that losses are inevitable
Lastly, it would help if you also accepted that losses are inevitable in any venture, and how you
handle it, defines your success. In other words, being successful in Forex doesn't mean that you
always have to close the market with a profit because that is nigh impossible, no matter how
good you are. Even the wealthiest Forex trader cannot show a trading statement that doesn't
contain a loss, despite making profits consistently. Don't despair when a loss strikes. Instead,
treat it positively and hope for a better tomorrow. After all, once you put effort

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