You Are Special and Unique

As I do my coaching thing, there is one thing that is a mainstay. Each of us is special and unique. Each of us has talents, and each of us is capable of setting goals and achieving them.
I am a recovered person from addictions who is constantly recovering. This coupled with a great business career, some great coaching in certain aspects of my life, and obtaining coaching certification, makes me fairly unique in my field, and allows me, through experience, to help clients achieve results in varied areas of their lives, including addiction recovery.
I love seeing lives restored to the greatness that is there!
I was privileged to get the article below, and want to share it with all, addicted or just looking for a better life; a bigger, richer, happier life!

“We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and adventure to discover our own special light.
-- Mary Dunbar

All of us are gifted. Every person has a gift that can bring great joy and light to those who encounter it. Our task is to stand in the sun and create a climate that will develop and nurture our gift.

Sometimes we are afraid to let ourselves believe we have anything special to offer or contribute to the world. We think of ourselves as plain and untalented, with no gifts or special potential. But if we believe we are limited, we act in a limited way. We take few risks and follow few paths that might develop our special talents and gifts.

In recovery we are learning to love ourselves and trust ourselves in a whole new way. Now anything is possible. To fully believe in our talents, we need only step from the darkness into the sun. We will take this first step, trust enough, and start believing that; yes, we do have special gifts.

Today let me be aware of my deep and unfilled desires, dreams, and wishes, which is the first step on the way to accepting our gifts.”

I am glad to have discovered my purpose and gifts, and love working with others to help them find their unique place!

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Certified Life Coach, Addictions Specialist,