The first book I read by Erma Bombeck was "If Life is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits". I was hooked after that.

And when her poem, If I Had My Life to Live Over came along, I was even more inspired by a woman who could write such a profound poem after being diagnosed with cancer. Ms. Bombeck's poem encourages us to live each day in the moment, take nothing for granted and enjoy the abundance we have been given. Ms. Bombeck cuts straight to the chase on topics touching our daily lives and does so with unabashed humor.

So many times, we focus on things that ultimately do not matter in the next hour, day, month or year and on things over which we have absolutely no control while letting things that matter slip by us much like trying to hold on to slippery Jell-O.

You see, I know we can't relive our lives so the only option we have is to relish what we have at this moment. You don't get to TIVO your life! So, if you want to start living more in the moment, I offer you the following suggestions:

• Look for delicious opportunities to give a compliment. When you offer a sincere compliment to someone, watch how it makes you feel. You smile, your muscles relax, your face lights up. Relish in the smile of the person you just complimented.

• Seize every moment with gusto, taste it, feel it, and savor it - there will be no replay.

• Engage in something each day that is utterly frivolous, silly and fun - and enjoy doing it. Do something just for you; something that makes you smile or giggle in delight.

• Watch less TV - spend quality time with your family and friends. People will soon forget the things you do for them but not the way you make them feel.

• Take time to be grateful. Gratitude is the foundation of abundance. By expressing gratitude, you tell the universe you are open to receiving more.

• Assume Nothing! You have no way of knowing what anyone else is thinking or feeling unless you ASK them. You can't know their reality any other way and they can't know yours any other way either.

• Everything is not about YOU - don't take things so personal. When people are rude, irritable, angry and out of sorts, realize they are responding to their own inner reality - it's not about you! And you certainly don't need to allow their behavior to dictate how you respond. When you take nothing personally, you are open to profound freedom!

• Sweat the positive small stuff - the little things sometimes matter the most. Take note of when you can shift your attention to a little detail that can make a difference in yours or someone else's life.

• Don't waste your energy and too much of your life getting upset over what are only annoyances. ''Ask yourself, will this matter an hour from now; a day from now; a month or year from now?"

• Imagine that you have given yourself permission to be happy and to really enjoy your life, free of conflict with yourself and with others. Imagine yourself living a new life, a new dream, a life where you don't need to justify your existence and you are free to be who you really are.

Today, as you go about your normal routine, keep in mind the above and go out and make someone's day! Live life like you mean it and remember, you will not get to TIVO an instant replay of your life!

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