When did you last clean your hookah hose? Is it a couple of days back, or months back or you weren't aware that you should be cleaning the hose. Well, you are not alone. Many of the hookah lovers who love smoking hookah aren't well aware that even the hookah hose needs regular cleaning. Before we share how you can clean it, let's tell you why you need to keep it tidy.

Whenever you smoker, a layer of shisha gets accumulated in the hose which can deteriorate the
flavors of the next session. Suppose you smoke mint shisha first, then next day you are trying a
lemon tea flavor. Did you notice the lemon tea has a slight minty hint to it? That's the hose ruining your next session.
So, if you want to prevent your hookah flavors from getting mixed or changed, clean your hose.
One more thing; not all hoses are washable – there is a metallic lining which can get rusted when washed with water.
This tutorial should be used explicitly for your washable hose only. Now, let's clean our hookah hose.
Hookah Hose Cleaning Tutorial

Things You Will Need
Some orange juice (lemon juice will also do), a funnel and some hot water. Carry out the cleani
ng near the sink, as it is a messy little procedure.

Firstly, remove the hose from the hookah body. If there is a mouthpiece, remove it.

Give it one or two good blows to throw out the dry particles.
Now, put the funnel on one end and block the other end using your thumb.

Pour in some orange juice. Now, you know why blocked the other end.

It prevents the fluid from draining out.
Remove the funnel, block the end and shake the hose, so the orange juice move throughout the hose.
Elevate one end than the other and vice versa.

Now, carefully remove your thumb and fill in some hot water and then block it.

Repeat the movements one more time.

Lower it into the sink, remove your thumbs and let water drain out.

One more time, wash it with some more hot water and then again drain out.
If there is any orange juice left inside, it will get cleared with this step.

Blow through the hose several times to ensure there are not water drops in it.

Now, sway it hard. The motion will force out everything inside.

It's time to hang the hose and let it air dry for a few hours.
You can put it up on your coat-hanger or some clip; make sure that both the ends are facing the earth.

As soon as your hose is completely dry,

you can put it together with your hookah and start packing your bowl.
There will be a nice difference in the flavor;
it would remind of the time when you first smoked your hookah.
Another quick cleaning would be blowing air through the hose after every smoke sitting works well especially if your hose is non-washable.
Try cleaning it up once in a week or so and give it a few big blows of air after every hookah session.
You'll see the difference.
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