The more we observe how people, things and events affect us, the more we realize the vast amount of guidance life offers us. We are unable to see this at first because our attention is focused on what we do not have, so we are unable to see what we do have. We do this because we have been conditioned to pay attention to the external rather than the internal. For example, whenever we feel overwhelmed, we are unable to determine where to begin or what to tackle first. Thought asks ":What do I do?" for it thinks that we should be doing something. Thought, being an activity, perceives that the solution lies in some form of action or activity. It is unable to see that our consciousness is telling us to stop all activity and start observing. Thought acts, consciousness observes!

So, what do we observe? We observe whatever gets our attention. Life assists us by repeating what needs to be seen over and over again until it gets our attention. What do we do once it has our attention? We observe how it affects us and how we respond to it without any judgment. In turn, it will show us what needs to be done. It is just that simple if we pay attention to our feelings, senses, and intuition rather than thought. For example, our feelings tell us that we need a vacation. We need a break from what we have been doing. So, thought plans a vacation that ends up being so taxing or exhausting that going back to work is a welcomed relief. Therefore, we do not experience how relaxing it is to allow our vacation to unfold moment to moment as opposed to planning it. Consciousness spontaneously responds to what is, for it unconditionally accepts it. On the other hand, thought plans and attempts to change what is for it is unable to accept it.

Thought's unfulfilled desires prevents us from realizing that life treats everyone the same. Life can do no other for it has an indestructible relationship with us. A relationship is like a contract in that it defines the parties within the relationship, their rights and responsibilities. Life has agreed to let us have absolute control over our life so that we can develop our unlimited potential. In turn, we have agreed to let life have complete control over itself so it can develop its unlimited potential. Relinquishing control over each other allows us to mutually assist each other without infringing upon or violating each other's rights.

Free-will allows us to have complete control over our life. We can choose to use thought, perception or consciousness as our guidance system. Life holds us accountable for everything we do because we have free-will. Based upon the choices we make, life fulfills its part of our mutual relationship. Thus, the choices we make determine the quality of our life for we hold life accountable for providing us with everything we need to develop our unlimited potential. The infinite diversity we offer each other determines the potential, purpose and value of our relationship. The mutual development of our relationship determines its worth.

Our relationship with life allows both life and us to be the best we can be. Much to our dismay, life constantly demonstrates that it is upholding its part of our relationship. Observing how life affects us and how we respond to life allows us to uphold our part of our relationship and enjoy the rewards of this indestructible relationship.

Our control over our perception, our free will and our relationship with life prevents anything from happening by accident, coincidence or chance. Consequently, everything serves a purpose, nothing is duplicated or wasted. That means that each of us are our own solution! It took me a long time to see that I was my only solution. I was greatly disturbed when I realized it. In fact, I found it unacceptable! Accepting it would mean that I would have to unconditionally accept complete
responsibility for myself. I wouldn't be able to delegate any aspect of my life to another. I could not do that for I was too
busy trying to run away from myself and life.

My self-destructive behavior reflected the pain, misery and suffering I was enduring because I could not unconditionally
accept myself or life. Eventually, life became so unbearable that I physically and mentally couldn't do anything. My inability to think or act gave me the opportunity to reexamine every aspect of my life. In turn, that altered my perception and allowed me to see that I didn't know what I thought I knew. Eventually, I saw that no one could help me because no one had the same perception as I had. Charged with that insight, I allowed life to guide me. In turn, I discovered the source of my own illumination.

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