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An "Encyclopedia of Self Improvement" Allows Readers to Pinpoint Expertise,

Eliminate Trial-and-Error with One Comprehensive Source Book



            MARLBORO, NJ - One visit to the Self Improvement section of a bookstore and something becomes clear right away: help is needed just to sort through the overwhelming array of offerings from today's experts.  That help is now available, thanks to the publication of Self Improvement: The Top 101 Experts Who Help Us Improve Our Lives.  This useful reference guide narrows down the top experts in the field of Self Improvement and sorts through their vast supply of products and information.

            Referred to as the "Encyclopedia of Self Improvement," the book was written by David Riklan, president and founder of Self Improvement Online, Inc.  By compiling material into one comprehensive resource, Riklan allows readers to pinpoint what they want without experimentation and failure, thus easing the confusion that might arise in seeking the best author or speaker to follow.

            This book lists the most popular names in Self Improvement, including Dr. Phil McGraw, Anthony Robbins and Sylvia Browne.  Readers can look up any of the top 101 experts and learn about their companies, seminars, bestsellers, and audio and video programs.  Riklan says that by checking his book before heading to the store, people will not waste time and money on products they know little about.

            "I believe that if you want something, anything, the best way to get it is to find somebody else who already has it and figure out how they got it," Riklan notes.  "The experts featured in this book all teach us how to improve our lives and, in many cases, they show us how we can teach ourselves."

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In addition, Riklan includes a chapter on each expert's background and philosophy, plus offers book excerpts, notable quotations and contact information.

            "The experts included in this book provide a wide variety of opinions and perspectives," Riklan continued.  "In many cases, the ideas and recommendations of one expert clashes with another's, but we wouldn't expect any one reader to agree with all the diverse opinions offered by today's Self Improvement experts.  That's the beauty of this reference book:  search through it to find the experts whose approaches fit best with your own personality or values."

            Riklan gives a recommendation and opinion of his own, offering the best way to quickly get started with each of the 101 experts.

            "This book will change your life no matter who you are or what you're doing," he says.

            A self-professed Self Improvement junkie, Riklan's interest in the field began over 20 years ago and was best defined through his work as an instructor for Dale Carnegie, who is the sixth top expert in the book.  Riklan's nine newsletters and four main Web sites, including (ranked the #1 self-improvement site by Google and Yahoo), make his company a leading provider of Self Improvement and Personal Growth on the Internet.

            Riklan's book is organized so people can read it as an entire book or refer to it only when they need it.  After buying Self Improvement: The Top 101 Experts Who Help Us Improve Our Lives," he guarantees people the confidence of knowing they are on their way to a better life. 

To order, visit or for additional information, call Self Improvement Online, Inc. at (732) 617-1030. David Riklan is available for interviews at any time. For a review copy of the book, email your request to

Self Improvement:  The Top 101 Experts Who Help Us Improve Our Lives -by David Riklan, ISBN # 0-9745672-3-X, 421 pages, Price, US. $18.95.


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