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In such a challenging workforce climate, “career enhancement” means many different things:  procuring that first job, keeping an existing position, returning to the workforce after a long hiatus, riding the waves of unemployment, starting an entrepreneurial venture...

We are fortunate to have so many collaborative authors to share expertise, impart wisdom and entertain us with relative anecdotes. In 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career, we have compiled a thoughtful collection of 101 unique chapters from some of the industry’s leading experts. Our experts are varied with impressive backgrounds and credentials from previously published authors and television personalities to coaches, business owners and heads of associations. They are all stellar educators who have shared information on topics that are personally relevant and hope to inspire and motivate their readers. 

Our mission in bringing to you 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career is that you will find chapters that speak to you on a personal level and can use what you find to enhance your career or someone else’s.

What You Can Learn From this Book

·         You can find your passion and relaunch your career.

·         You can network effectively and secure your next position.

·         You can create a fabulous résumé and sell yourself in a difficult job-market.

·         You can identify and act upon opportunities for change.

·         You can fuel your own success.

·         You can learn the most effective job search strategies.

And so much more! Whether you are seeking answers for yourself or working with a client on career objectives, this book offers solutions, suggestions, advice and support on a wide range of topics including:  retirement, business development, career branding, difficult work environments, effective communication, goals, job hunting, leadership résumé strategies and telephone interviews. This book is a perfect tool for anyone who is looking to start a career, get ahead in their current position, return to the workforce, start their own business or is in a role that assists others with career development.

How the Book is Organized

We have organized this book by topic to simplify the information-gathering process. If you are looking for information on Job Searching, just go to the table of contents, locate the corresponding page numbers and start reading! If you are seeking tips on how to ace the next interview or leadership skills that will help you to succeed, it’s all right there. We tried to make it simple and hope you find this book easy to navigate.

Although not every chapter will relate to each individual’s interests and needs, it is designed to be enjoyed like a cocktail hour – taste a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Find what you like, savor it and digest it. If you haven’t found what appeals to you yet, another tray of appetizing topics is just a page turn away. Every time you put it down and pick it back up, you can find new, meaningful messages, broken out into bite sized pieces.

Who Should Read This Book

101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career is designed for a broad audience ranging from the recent college graduate to the retired professional seeking a second career. It is a clear, concise menu of information to choose from, featuring many of the industry’s top experts. 

How To Use This Book

This book can be used as a traditional reference guide. You can look up any of our top expert authors and find their contact information in their bios. Most have listed emails, websites and phone numbers.

The book can be read from cover to cover. Each chapter stands alone.  Read it all the way through or out of sequence. Find what interests you today and go read something else tomorrow.

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"It's like buying an entire bookstore for the price of just one book. This is the ultimate career and job finding manual."

- David Leonhardt - Author, "Climb Your Stairway to Heaven: The 9 Habits of Maximum Happiness"


"The breadth of knowledge in this book is astounding. Every day I can pick up this book and within 10 minutes learn something new to help me with my career." 

- Jeff Griswold - President, Effective Learning Systems



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Free Bonus #1


7 Steps to The Job You Want


There are unseen forces at work that trick people into repeating history. Why apply for job after job without even a callback? If your life seems to be going around in circles, use these 7 Steps to become part of a company, fast!

Career Experts in the Book (A - C)

Laura Allan, Haider Al-Mosawi, Anna Aparicio, Leslie Attwooll, Bud Bilanich, Helen P. Bressler, Elizabeth Brown, Mary-Jeanne “MJ” Cabanel, Stephen Cabral, Lisa Christiansen, Scott Cohen, Sean Cook, Pegotty Cooper, Liz Copeland, Bambi Corso, William S. Cottringer, Susan Crampton Davis, Tiffany Crenshaw, Susan Cullen

Free Bonus #2


Mastering the Job Interview


Are you getting interviews for positions that you are highly qualified for, but not getting offers? Maybe your mindset is getting in the way. In this presentation, Certified Life Purpose and Career Coach Sean Cook from HigherEdCareerCoach.Com explores ways to prepare yourself, practically and emotionally, for your next job interview, and to go in prepared to make your best arguments for being the candidate that "fits" their needs.


Career Experts in the Book (D - H)

Nancy Daniels, Monica de Liz, Laura DeCarlo, Edward Dellon, Patti DeNucci, JoAnn DePolo, Cherry Douglas, Brad Federman, Craig Frazier, Pamela D. Garcy, Ann N. Gatty, Colleen Georges, Felicia Gopaul, Randy Goruk, Ayman Hamid, Brock Hansen, Jennifer Howard, Rita Hyland

Free Bonus #3

($150.00 Value)

Free One on One Career Coaching Session with a Partner Coach


Would you like to have an Experienced Career Coach provide you with guidance, ideas, motivation and focus to enhance your career? If you do, we have the perfect opportunity for you. As a bonus for purchasing our 101 Great Ways to Enhance your Career we are offering a Free coaching call to help you tackle your biggest career road blocks.

Career Experts in the Book (I - L)

Sarah James, Tory Johnson, Tecumseh Jones, Judith Joyce, Helen Kerrison, Sunny Klein Lurie, Cari Kraft, Bob Kreisberg, Lauren Kurbatoff, Abbe Lang, Lisa Larter, Natalie Loeb, Vikki Loving

Free Bonus #4


Check Your Resume Before You Send It

Download this checklist and critique your own resume in minutes! The simple checkboxes make it easy to identify and eliminate resume errors that may be holding you back in your job search. Written by Pongo’s team of Certified Professional Resume Writers, the checklist offers dozens of practical tips to make your resume stand out for all the right reasons.



Career Experts in the Book (M - O)

Robert Mandelberg, Suzanne Masefield, Cathy McCann, Mega R. Mease, Margaret Meloni, Natalie Menendez, Diana Morris, Jean MulrineDeMange, David Muraco, Mike Myatt, Relly Nadler, Bettina "Sparkles" Obernuefemann

Free Bonus #5

101+ Job Search Tips


This booklet is a compilation of effective tools, ideas and tips that author Cathy Severson has acquired during twenty years of assisting people look for work. Some tips are so obvious you’ll wonder why they are included. Some tips are obvious and you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of them. In the end, they will inspire and contribute to a successful job search.

Career Experts in the Book (P - S)

Sandy Paris, Mamta Parkhill, Valerie Parson, Ray Perry, SusanLynn Perry, ScottA. Pete, Loretta Peters, Pongo Resume, Ricky Powell, Dawn Quesnel, Tamera Rackham, Lisa Rangel, Estra Roell, Savannah-Brooklyn Ross, Cynthia Rowland, Kim Seeling-Smith, Cathy Severson, Rabison Shumba, Jessica Simko, Linda K. Sommer, Len Sone, Kim Stacey, Muzaffar Sultan, Cori Swidorsky

Free Bonus #6


21 Body Language Tips for Career Success


When studies show that 50% to as much as 90% of your message is communicated to others through your body language – can you afford not to know how to use it more consciously? The Body Language Tips for Career Success will give you a sample of how to utilize your Body Language to greater effect to become a better communicator, maximise potential and improve your life exponentially.


Career Experts in the Book (T - Z)

Talent Development team™, Cesar Viana Teague, Erik Therwanger, Tiger Todd, Brian Tracy, Paul Lawrence Vann, Michael Vignery, Kathleen Watson, Stacey Weckstein, Charlotte Weeks, Carol Wenom, Wendy L. Yost, Laura B. Young, JoAnn Youngblood King, Long Yun Siang, Ann Zaslow-Rethaber


"A wonderful self-help library of great insights to help the reader improve their life journey from successful people who are making a difference in our world. This book has the potential for making a magnificent difference in your life!"


- Carolyn Porter, D. Div. - Author, "The Realness of a Woman" and "Healing with Color"        


Free Bonus #7

($97.00 Value)

7 Secrets to Financial Freedom


Learn the 7 Secrets that helped a young mother go from the verge of bankruptcy to Multi-Millionaire in just a few months. These 7 Secrets will help you achieve Financial Freedom when you follow and take action on them. Listen to this inspiring story and leave with a wealth of knowledge that will help you get started on your journey to success. Savannah Ross, aka Rich Mom, was the number one purchaser of Real Estate last year in all of Canada. For more information on Savannah Ross, visit

Free Bonus #8


MORE on the Art of Cultivating Professional References


In this one-hour program, Executive Coach and University Professor, Wendy L. Yost, will provide insider information from the perspectives of employers and references, she will discuss the best individuals to ask to serve as your professional references (some suggestions might surprise you) and she'll provide easy, inexpensive tips for maintaining relationships with former employers and colleagues.


This interview includes a special bonus feature on putting your personal and professional networks to work for you as a cornerstone of any successful job search. This audio program is available as an MP3 download that you can listen to on your own computer or compatible MP3 player or IPOD.

Free Bonus #9


Flip on Your Success Switch! How to Start Creating a Successful Life by JoAnn Youngblood King


This informative E-book contains excellent tips and techniques to help you tap into the potential you have inside to be as successful as you want to be! You will learn how making a few changes with your thinking, speaking and actions can change your life for the better. It is available as a PDF file for immediate download.

Free Bonus #10


Success Tweets E-Book


140 Bits of Common Sense Career Success Advice, All in 140 Characters or Less

Free Bonus #11


Successful Business Strategies E-Book


Building a fortune in your business and personal life during these challenging times may be less complicated than you think. Often we miss the mark because we are going at it in the wrong way. We are not taught the hidden secrets to success in the educational system. Even in the life university of hard knocks, it takes an exceptionally long time to learn the lessons necessary to accept unlimited bountifulness. Fortunately, those who have an open heart and mind can discover the hidden secrets buried beneath the rubble of misadventures that have previously swallowed up the joy, success, profits and personal dreams of millions of people around the world.

Free Bonus #12


The 10 Best Kept Secrets For Remembering Your Dreams


Each and every night you have the ability to access unlimited guidance in all areas of your life. In this E-Book you will learn the tools necessary to teach yourself how to remember your dreams enabling you to utilize that information and apply it to your life immediately. Filled with the most effective tips for dream recall, you will develop a deeper relationship with your dreams and connect to your own inner wisdom to live a more purposeful and authentic life.

Free Bonus #13


What Agreements Have YOU Made with Yourself?


One of the sources of your inner peace is your own self-awareness and self-acceptance. This is the kind of peace that allows you to handle conflict and other difficult situations in the workplace and beyond. It is the inner peace you create that allows you to bring peace to the outside world. And that is why this mini audio program (or coachinar®) and E-Book program has been created just for you! Remember, it is how you deal with the conflicts and difficult situations in life that defines who you are.

Free Bonus #14


From Impossible To Possible Is A Quest


Paul Lawrence Vann leads the amazing "It's Possible" empowerment series. It centers on the reality that we are spirits having a human experience. It's Possible is a dynamic empowerment program that creates a paradigm shift in our habits and ultimately in our lifestyle. Paul, along with Carole Mullins, Jan Malloch and Almon Gunter, share how one transcends from impossible to possible, all the while understanding it’s a quest. This is a remarkable empowerment program, one in which people can truly achieve "The Possible" in their life.

Free Bonus #15


Five Critical Mistakes You Are Making in Your Career


The US economy shed 8.4 million jobs in the last recession. Whether your position was directly affected by a layoff, or you watched as your colleagues were laid off, many questioned "Am I prepared?" Regardless of your age, position or educational background, learn why lifetime learning is critical in this unstable environment.


"If you're looking for an amazing book that has many of the world's leading experts revealing their valuable information inside it, then you must Read This Book!"


- Matt Bacak, Frontier Marketing International, LLC.



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