Middle East – A Growing Hub for Business Schools

When you think of Middle East, what comes to mind is the golden carpets of sand with camels, majestic architecture, high rises, mouth-watering cuisine and an amalgamation of both the ancient and the modern. But the Middle East is much more than the scenic beauty, modern buildings and tempting food. And of course, not to forget the oil companies. It is fast emerging as a hub for business education.

The higher education sector in the Middle East is only expanding by the day, throwing in a whopping number of opportunities to local students as well as the expats. The construction boom and entrepreneurial opportunities have further placed the need for business education in the emirates. Having realised the need to produce dynamic local businessmen to steer the dynamic economy even further, education in business assumed huge importance in the past few years.

The higher education sector has also been able to attract renowned universities across the world for its business schools. Many Western educational institutes have opened their campuses in the Middle East in the past couple of decades in addition to good local management colleges. INSEAD France, London School of Business (UK) and Hult International Business School (US) are just a few big names that have set up their campuses in this region.

Besides growing businesses in the Middle East, it is also a growing hub for investments. There was a time when Middle East was synonymous with oil companies and dry fruits, but not any longer Diverse businesses, expansion of already existing businesses and strengthening of the middle class have only emphasised the need for business education in the Middle East. With a least demanding tax framework, it is also very easy to do business in the Middle East.

Another reason why foreign educational institutions are setting up their business schools in the Middle East is the growing young population of the region that wants to explore the world of business opportunities or make a mark in the managerial positions of various business houses.

In our latest edition of The Knowledge Review - The 10 Best Business Schools in the Middle East, we have focused on some of the institutions churning out the best business graduates in the region.

On the cover we have Cyprus Institute of Marketing that is one of the best business schools in the world and is a pioneer in providing quality distance learning. We have also featured Exceed College, The Modern College of Business and Science, University College of Bahrain, and Westford University College. As you flip through the pages of this interesting edition, do not forget to read the CXO standpoint from industry experts and articles curated by our in-house editorial team.

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