We are the inhabitants of that era where we all have to handle lots of works. Because of work pressure, our brain functions sometimes become weaker. To lead a happy and successful, you need to have a strong memory power. But sometimes because of various reasons, we may have to lose our memory power. By adopting some habits you can improve your memory power. Here we discuss 10 habits by following which you improve your brain functions along with the memory power. Those 10 best habits are as follows;
#Have more brain foods
To improve your memory, you should follow a healthy diet. Food is a very important part of our life and our health is very much dependent on our food habits. So to improve memory, in our diet, we should include foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamin D, etc. Some of those types of foods are citric foods, green tea, blueberries, salmon oil, etc. To improve memory, it is also important to avoid foods which have an excessive amount of sugar and grain carbohydrate.
#Get enough amount of sleep
To maintain a healthy life, it is very important to have enough amount of sleep. Lack of sleep can affect the brain also along with our physical health. So not getting enough sleep can be the cause of your weak memory. To sharpen your memory, you should have enough amount of sleep and while sleeping always maintain sleep hygiene so that you can get sound sleep. An adult should sleep at least 6 hours in a day to be active throughout the day. So sleep properly so that you can improve memory of yours.
#Listen to music
Music is a very effective medicine for human being. It has the healing power which can improve the health condition for anyone. In the medical science of the new era, music is used as a therapy. To improve memory also, music therapy can be used. Doctors basically use music therapy for patients with dementia. When we listen or perform music, in our brain, the neural pathways are lightened up. Music can activate every part of our brain. It can be able to stimulate the connection between both sides of the brain and also activates those areas which are associated with emotion, cognition, and memory. So, to improve memory, music can be an effective means.
To improve memory, one can also take the help of the meditation which can improve our health, both mental and physical. By increasing the gray matter in our brain, meditation can improve our brain. According to a study which was conducted by the researchers in Boston, meditation is capable of boosting up the cerebral cortex in the brain. This cerebral cortex can improve our brain functions like learning, concentration, and memory. If you do meditation regularly, it can increase the blood flow to the brain that can make a strong network of blood vessels in the cerebral cortex and it can improve memory.
#Write down important things
Writing down important things also can improve memory. Nowadays, we all have our laptop, computer, tablet or mobile which we use to note down things. But to improve memory, you can try to write down important things with a pen and paper. It can help you to memorize things. By physically writing things, it helps to record a text in your mind which helps you to recall that later.
#Take some rest
By taking rest in between work, you can improve memory. When you are working for a long period of time, you should take rest in between. Taking rest in between work can help in strengthening the new memories and possibly do it by supporting their automatic reactivation. It is not clearly known how resting helps to improve memory. When you work something important or studying, take 10 minutes in between and it can store things that you learn in your brain. Thus, maybe, taking rest can improve memory.
#Follow a routine
If you want to have a better lifestyle, you must have to follow a well-maintained routine. Following a routine also can help you to improve your brain functions like concentration, memory, learning ability. So, to improve memory, you should follow a routine.
#Try to avoid multitasking
You should avoid multitasking if you want to improve your brain functions. Though multitasking can make your work easy as you can do lots of work at the same time, yet it is not a healthy habit for your brain. When you do multiple works at a time, you can focus or concentrate on one work and it can develop the chances of your mistake. It also increases the chances of your confusion between the works you are doing and it develops forgetfulness. So to improve memory, instead of doing multiple tasks at the same time, do things one by one.
#Play brain games
To improve memory, you can try by playing brain games. Brain game is like the exercise for your brain. Nowadays, lots of brain games are available online that you can play in your mobile or tablets or laptop. Brain games also can reduce the risk of dementia in old adults. So brain game can be an effective means to improve your memory.
#Avoid stress and be happy
Because of stress or work pressure also, your memory may become weak. So to improve memory you should try to decrease your stress. By staying happy, you can improve your brain functions. To avoid stress, you need to be in a cheerful environment. Stay motivated and happy. When you stay motivated, you can easily focus what you do and it can help you to memorize things.
These were some of the habits which you should adopt if you want to improve memory. There are different types of nootropics available in the markets which are effective in improving our brain functions. You can also try to improve memory by using these nootropics.

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