The best thing about Indian wedding invitations is the extent of the experiment you can have with the paper, printing techniques, designs, cuts, font, content, and a lot more. There is no such boundary wherein you can restrict your creativity when it comes to design your wedding invitations.

With the same thought in mind, here we are sharing with your some groovy new ideas for your Indian wedding cards:

1. Bring back the royal feel with scroll wedding cards

We have all seen it in the movies how the royals just send anything auspicious through these scrolls. You can have the royal feels added in your wedding as well with scroll wedding invitations. So if you're planning a grand wedding or a traditionally styled wedding, you can have an invitation designed like scrolls used by erstwhile rulers. This royally styled Indian wedding invitation will leave your guests in awe. This style is nothing new but still has its own eloquent charms that help you in adding royal flamboyance to your wedding.

2. Peacock feathers and ribbons

If you're confused between whether you want to have a traditional Indian wedding card or the modern wedding invitation, then this idea is the answer to your problem. A modern invitation card with traditional Indian motifs ends up into an eye-catching blend making it showcase the best of two cultures. Peacock feathers can be used as a design for the wedding cards as they give the glimpses of Indian culture. Along with it, you can accentuate the whole look by adding the same hued ribbon. If you are sending some wedding favours along with the wedding invitations, you can use the ribbon of the same colour there as well.

3. Be playful with the bright colours

When it comes to patterns for Indian wedding cards, you often find similarities in all of them. Therefore to make it unique, you can try experimenting with bright colours. Here you can even try for themed wedding cards. If your wedding doesn't follow a particular theme, then you can go with a fusion of traditional and contemporary themes.

But there are few things that you need to consider very carefully like the colour, sheet or the font used in the invites. Don't be hesitant in choosing the bright colours as they accentuate the designs and other cultural elements of the invitations.

4. Laser cut designs

One of the best things you can execute in your Indian wedding invitations is laser cut designs. The couple who are looking for something minimal and elegant without making it too obvious, then laser cut designs are exactly what you're looking for. The good thing is you can easily ask for Indian wedding invitations samples online from your vendor. You can go for a mix and match and play with colours and TADAAA... your invitation is ready.

5. A blend of "unconventional; and conventional"

The best thing about Indian wedding cards is that you can tweak it the way you want and it still looks "WONDERFUL". So our next idea is inspired by the same as you can add a twist in your Indian wedding card designs. You can have some non-conventional base colours with some really "out of the box" designing. A blend of atypical wedding cards with conventional wedding card designs will make up for an exceptionally designed wedding invitation. If you're having an inter-faith wedding, then this one of the best idea for Indian wedding cards showing the bests of two different worlds.

6. Cards designed like wedding props

Our country is considered as one of the richest cultural heritages all across the globe. Several cultures of the Indian subcontinent have many things that can enchant anyone. Then here we are talking about this gala event of the wedding, it is obviously full of colour and bling. Also, don't forget the different elements that are the active part of the Indian wedding. For instance, you can have your wedding cards designed liked the drum which is one popular musical instrument played at Indian weddings.

7. An embellishment that looks like "centre of the attraction"

This is the idea which is quite suitable for couples looking for something minimal yet elegant for their Indian wedding invitations. You can have some adornments in the centre to spice up the whole look of the wedding card. Here if you're afraid of experimenting, can even try different styles of printing. To make it more regal, you can try embossing or gold foiling. Along with it, you can be playful with the colours as well. The whole thing is centred to highlight the embellishment which gives an appealing finish to the card.

8. Include some beautiful caricatures or prints of the couple

The best thing about Indian weddings is it is full of elements that illustrate celebration at their best. There are Baraat and religious rituals which can be used as a design for your wedding invitations. Only this time you can tweak it and instead of printing, you can add contemporary charms like doodling and caricatures. A couple of caricature looks absolutely astounding or even the figures of Madhubani add an extra finish to the card.

Executing this idea for your wedding invitations ensure that it will also be the "talk of the town" apart from your wedding.

9. Add the floral abstract to your wedding invitations

Marigolds are considered very auspicious in many cultures followed in India. So if you're thinking of having it a part of your wedding, you can have a beautifully designed abstract of this flower. The flower connotes peace and prosperity. Also, its colour is believed to be the colour of good omen. With so many factors that can entice anyone, a Marigold floral abstract is a great idea to incorporate in your Indian wedding cards.

10. Include mehendi designs

Mehendi ceremony forms one of the pre-wedding ceremonies in many Indian cultures. In fact, it is one of the oldest traditions followed as it is considered the sign of good luck and you can often see girls applying it before a very joyous occasion. It even represents the bond of matrimony and love between the couples. So how about executing these designs in your wedding invitations? It's a beautiful idea to have these designs to enhance the whole look of the wedding card. Indian wedding cards


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