Although the situation outside is anything but pleasant at the moment, it is possible to ensure that the holiday season is nevertheless super pleasant. For switching up Zoom calls with friends and family, we've rounded up 10 ideas for a super fun virtual holiday party. Showing a little creativity can go very far, especially in this period when you can't go far physically.

1. Watch a movie marathon together from a distance.

Whether it's watching several classic holiday movies or a movie franchise like Star Wars or Harry Potter, running an online movie marathon is super easy. Use a party plugin like Scenery to watch and chat on screen with your friends and family. If the plug-in has some issues, tap play at around the same time and set up a group text chat while watching the movie.

2. Plan a virtual trivia night.

Setting up a video chat with friends is a great way to connect, but it can quickly drain the power of the electronic device. Use an app like Kahoot! to create your own thematic or House party quizzes in which the questions are pre-programmed.

3. Make your cookie exchanges online.

Ask each participant to register for a type of cookie. At the same time, cook together on a video call. Next, have each person safely divide and pack their lots and drop them off on the porch of participating members.

A socially distant baking session with just one other person (for example, a grandparent or a dear friend living far away) is also a lot of fun. Choose a recipe to prepare at the same time and pretend you are in the same kitchen.

4. Play board games in virtual mode.

With shopping malls either closed or open with limited capacity, it is unlikely that you will be able to go see Santa in person this year. That doesn't mean, however, that your kids should miss an opportunity to chat with the man in red. Indeed, many companies now offer virtual tours of Santa Claus, with several prices depending on the budget, options to take photos and add friends and family on the video call. This way children can always experience one of the magical moments of the season.

6. Organize a connected cocktail.

Drinking drinks after work are a classic of the holiday season. Good news: this year you can still enjoy a virtual drink with your friends, neighbors and colleagues. Send out an invitation with some simple alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktail recipes and tell participants to prepare their own before joining the video call.

7. Organize a treasure hunt in cooperative mode.

While it is not advisable to do in-person scavenger hunts this year, you can still create a fun and festive activity for your kids. Send a set of clues to other families using classic parts, appliances and home furnishings as the basis for clues. After all participating parents have set up the game in their homes, give the first clue via video and send the children running to find the next one.

8. Secret senders for Christmas.

Secret Santa is a festive tradition that easily adapts to social distancing. Collect the names of everyone who wants to participate and then write them down on slips of paper or upload them to a website that draws the names. Then send each participant the name of the person who is to receive a gift from them, along with their mailing address, the allocated budget, and a date by which the gifts should be received. Set up a video call for everyone to open their Secret Santa gifts together.

9. Organize a special holiday reading.

Reading a story is a tradition in many homes, and it's also a great way to connect with other families. Start by choosing a book that is suitable for the participants. For young children, a picture book or a holiday classic is a good choice. For teens, go for a trendy novel right now. Each person or household should have the book on hand to take turns reading a page or chapter.

10. Share formulas for a virtual holiday dinner.

Many of us will obviously regret not having all of our loved ones around the table as usual. This does not mean that it will be impossible to have a happy time with your family. So, ask everyone who is usually present at the party to agree on a menu and share the recipes with each other. Then at dinner time on the big day, set up a video call and eat the same dishes all together.

The point of all of these virtual Christmas party ideas for work is to make everyone feel like part of a family at work. Remembering and acknowledging their hard work and celebrating their special days is a simple but powerful way to promote onboarding and bonding between your telecommuting employees.

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